Vintage TV scenes that scream summer

Designed as an almost mythical wonderland of sun, surf and laid-back vibes, California held a large place in the collective consciousness well into the 20th century. The idea of ​​spending any time in this paradise at all, accessible by a simple cross-country flight, was hard to resist even for somewhat jaded east coasters like the random blended family of characters from Who’s the Boss?

In the Season 2 episode “Wardship: Part 1”, the entire group willingly heads to California, unable to say “no” even due to the somewhat uncomfortable and emotional business they have to do upon arrival. Angela’s ex-husband, Michael, insists that Angela, Tony, Samantha, and especially Jonathan, his son, go west to witness his marriage to his second wife. There’s plenty of new fun and pranks on the beach, so much so that Jonathan may go along with his father’s plan to regain custody and move him there permanently.

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