Vito Corleone, Joker, and Anita from West Side Story – what the three may soon have in common

Batman franchise, v Godfather series and film musical West Side Story don’t have much in common. Godfather and its sequels are based on a 1960s novel, while Batman and his many villains first appeared in 1930s comics, and West Side Story was originally a 1950s Broadway show (itself inspired by a Shakespeare play). Romeo and Juliet from the 1590s). As for the genre, these three worlds are different worlds. Godfather is a crime drama trilogy that is often considered one of the most important works in the history of cinema. Film adaptations of Batman comics ranged from children’s cartoons to action-packed thrillers. West Side Story it is both a terrific musical and a heartbreaking tragedy.


But despite all the differences, Godfather, Batman and West Side Story they have all spawned critically acclaimed film adaptations, and Academy Awards have been kind to many of these films. Godfather The trilogy has been nominated for 28 Oscars and won 9, including two Best Picture wins. Films based on the Batman comics have been nominated for 26 Academy Awards, of which 5. The original film adaptation of the Oscars. West Side Story was nominated for 11 Academy Awards and received 10 (in addition to the honorary award for choreography). Brand new adaptation West Side Story, directed by Steven Spielberg and released in 2021, is eligible for nominations for the upcoming 94th Academy Awards.

Among Godfather The trilogy’s numerous Academy Awards are two for Acting – one for Best Actor and one for Best Supporting Actor. The Batman franchise also won one Academy Award for Best Actor and one for Best Supporting Actor. And in both cases, the awards were for the game. the same role.

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Vito Corleone and The Joker are the only roles for which two different actors won Oscars

In 1973, Marlon Brando received the Best Actor award for his role as Vito Corleone in the film. Godfather… Two years later, Robert De Niro received the Best Supporting Actor award for his role as a young version of Vito Corleone in the film. The Godfather Part II. In 2008, Heath Ledger was posthumously awarded the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Joker in the film. The Dark Knight. Twelve years later, Joaquin Phoenix was named Best Actor for betraying the Joker in the aptly named film. Joker.

Two different actors won an Academy Award for their role as Vito Corleone. Two different actors won Academy Awards for their role as Joker. And this year, Anita’s role in West Side Story could join this very small list if Ariana Debose takes home the trophy on Oscar night.

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Rita Moreno won an Oscar in 1962

Rita Moreno played Anita in the original West Side Story film adaptation of 1961. In 1962, she was named Best Supporting Actress at the 34th Academy Awards. She became the first Hispanic actress to win an Oscar, and will remain the only Hispanic woman to win an Oscar until Lupita Nyong’o (born in Mexico City) won in 2013 for Best Supporting Actress. If Ariana Debose, who plays Anita in Spielberg West Side Story, nominated for an Oscar this year, she will join Moreno as the only Puerto Rican woman ever to be nominated for an Oscar.

Ariana Debose has already been nominated for many awards this season with Oscar nominations coming soon

The 94th Academy Awards are set for March 27, 2022, and nominations will be announced seven weeks early on February 8. But while the nominations have yet to be announced, Ariana Debose is already the favorite to be nominated for Best. Supporting actress. To date, Deboza has been nominated for 16 major awards for her role as Anita, including a Golden Globe and a Critics’ Choice Awards. Diversity Ariana Debose is currently on the list of the most likely nominees for Best Supporting Actress nomination, and Diversity Film critic Clayton Davis writes that Debos “can seriously fight to win the Oscar.”

Whether Ariana Debose will actually win an Oscar remains to be seen, and she will have a lot of competition from performers like Kirsten Dunst (Dog strength), Ruth Negga (Passing), and Oscar winner Marley Matlin (CODA). Nevertheless, in the current race, Debos has no less chances than everyone else.

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This could be the first time two different actors have actually won an Oscar for the same role.

Anita in West Side Story may be only the third role for which two different actors won an Academy Award. But it could make more of an Oscar story than just that. If Ariana Debose wins, it will be the first time a role played by women has achieved this feat, and for the first time a role played by non-white actors has achieved this feat.

Moreover, if DeBose wins an Oscar and accepts the award herself, it will be the first time in Oscar history that two different actors are both accepted Oscar for the same role. Neither Marlon Brando nor Robert De Niro attended the ceremony the year they won, and Brando is known to have sent Native American actor and activist Sachin Littlefeather to refuse the award in his place. Oscar for Heath Ledger The Dark Knight was awarded after his death and his family adopted him on his behalf.

Rita Moreno, on the other hand, happily accepted her Academy Award. Her speech consisted of only eleven words (at the time it was one of the shortest thanksgiving speeches in history), but those eleven words were all she needed. “I can not believe this!” she exclaimed: “Lord! I leave you with this. “

Ariana Debose said nothing to suggest that she would not be attending the ceremony if she was appointed. She attended the 2021 Oscars (when she wasn’t even nominated) and the Tony Awards when she was nominated in 2018.

It remains to be seen if any of this will actually happen. First, Ariane Debose has to be nominated for an Oscar, and then she will have to defeat four very talented women to ensure the victory. But if she wins, Anita from West Side Story will join characters like The Joker and The Godfather in the Oscar story. This is definitely a proposal that Rita Moreno never thought she would hear in her lifetime.

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