Voight path or highway

Traditionally, a Chicago P.D. episode has a single person at the center, with Voight in the season 10 premiere. As we watch him deal with the grief that comes with Anna’s death, we see that it affects his relationship with the team. We learn that two weeks have passed since the incident, and there has been a lot of disunity between Voight and his team. The person closest to him at this time is Jay, although the detective disagrees with his boss’ choice.

Haley defies Voight’s order to resign when Torres (Benjamin Levi Aguilar) enters the drug den with a new informant to take the Los Temidos wannabe. Worried, Torres is about to jump, Hailey approaches the house and makes a noise that alerts the dealer. A shootout ensues, putting Torres in immediate danger. After the stage is cleared, Hayley finally has a one-on-one with Voight. She thinks that Voight has Anna’s death over her head and there is so much tension between them that it is palpable. This will most likely be a season-long struggle, despite Voight trying to end the drama between him, Hayley, and Jay at the end of the episode. The three seem to be having trust issues with each other right now, which is a far cry from what it used to be. Hayley’s troubles with Jay giving in to Voight doesn’t help their relationship, leaving us to worry about Upstead’s fate.

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