Warner Bros. Discovery confirms flash movie is still happening

During a recent call from Warner Bros. Discovery has laid out its long-term plans for the world to see. While perhaps one of the biggest news is the possible merger between HBO Max and Discovery+, Warner Bros. Discovery also confirmed that The Flash is alive and well despite the ongoing controversy surrounding star Ezra Miller. President and CEO David Zaslav confirmed this, saying that the studio has many upcoming DC movies, including Black Adam, the new Shazam, and yes, The Flash.

Many fans are probably wondering how the company can justify the cancellation of Batgirl and not The Flash, but there are likely a few good reasons for this. Possibly the biggest one is the last one. estimated huge budget of $200 million. It’s easier to put off Batgirl, which had a relatively smaller budget of $90 million. NPR). It’s also likely that The Flash has more influence on the company’s future plans for the DC Extended Universe as a whole, given the time travel elements present in the film. Obviously, audiences won’t know for sure until the film’s release if that’s the case, but it’s likely to be a very controversial decision by Warner Bros. Discovery, no matter what.

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