Warner Bros. Discovery just confirmed the future of HBO Max and Discovery+

In the earnings report for Warner Bros. Discovery’s Q4 Looper learned that the conglomerate would merge HBO Max and Discovery+ into a single product. Executives stressed that they believe each will have a “unique and complementary” focus.

Accompanied by a presentation slide already being drawn common confusion on twitterCEO of Warner Bros. Streaming Discovery J.B. Perrett said the company believes HBO Max has a “masculine slant” focused on scripted content like prestige dramas, while Discovery+ has a “female slant” focused on unscripted content. content such as reality shows.

In addition, as a single global brand, Perrette said the combined streaming network will focus on updating its technology and methodically increasing subscriber growth year on year. Content from CNN and live sports will also be added to the platform. Among the franchises that the company considers most valuable are DC, Game of Thrones, 90 Day Fiancé, and Wizarding World. The upcoming Game of Thrones spin-off, House of the Dragon, has been repeatedly mentioned during the teleconference as one of the gems of the platform.

The as-yet-unnamed streaming platform will also add an ad-supported pricing tier similar to Hulu, in addition to the ad-free experience subscribers are used to.

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