Warner Bros. Discovery may have just given DC fans a surprise gift

During a call to Warner Bros. Discovery’s earnings company released a graph of the reporting structure, and since those who tune in as a Twitter user @DCBreakingNews, quickly noticed, DC was listed as an in-house studio and not an intellectual property of Warner Bros. discovery. If so, it would make the structure similar to how Disney created Marvel with its own Marvel studio. It would seem that this would allow a dedicated group of producers and creatives to work solely for the purpose of creating and producing DC movies and shows, which certainly makes a big difference.

It’s also not exactly a surprising development. Back in April Diversity reported that Warner Bros. Discovery sought to change the approach to DC films following the merger of the two companies. The report stated that the people in charge wanted to make DC something like their own independent content source. Building a studio around IP seems like a pretty surefire way to achieve that goal. This is especially true if they want to finally get a chance to compete with Marvel, which has already used this strategy. It also plays very well with Warner Bros.’s recently announced 10-year plan. Discovery for their DC movies.

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