Was Carl’s broken leg in Shameless real?

As it turns out, not all of the injuries in Shameless are fictional — Carl’s leg was broken in real life — or better, Ethan Cutkosky’s was broken in real life. “Broken leg = real. Carl was originally supposed to go up on a skateboard. [sic] in the demolition scene.” – Cutkosky (who plays Carl on the show) tweeted on the night of the season premiere. Cutkosky doesn’t offer any explanation for how he broke his leg, but we’ll get a little more information from his co-star, Emmy Rossum, who plays Fiona on the show.

During Reddit AMA (“Ask Me Anything”), Rossum answers a fan’s question about Cutkosky’s leg and reveals how it was indeed damaged. “Carl has a broken leg because the actor Ethan who plays Carl actually broke his leg in real life dancing at a party (at least that’s what he told us),” Rossum wrote in the AMA. Rossum didn’t stop there either, and had to humiliate the injury a bit by asking, “How do you break your leg dancing?”

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