Was Dean McDermott’s net worth higher before he married Tory Spelling?

Things have been tough for Tori Spelling lately. While fans have speculated for a while that her relationship with husband Dean McDermott was rocky, it has become clear over time that their situation is much more difficult than anyone expected.

Since a potential rift is clearly not far off, based on Tory’s comments on the matter, fans have wondered how finance is affecting the equation.

Did Dean McDermott’s net worth plummet when he married Tories, or were they once a wealthy couple?


Tori had family money

Most Tory Spelling fans know that her late father was a super-rich Hollywood collar. At the time of his death, Aaron Spelling was a multimillionaire, but none of his children inherited as many millions as they expected.

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In addition, after inheriting a relatively meager amount of money, Tory Spelling allegedly squandered most of the funds, falling into debt in the following years.

So what happened when she and Dean left their former spouses and got married?

Dean and Tory’s spending is out of control

When Tory and Dean got together in 2005, both were active in Hollywood, working on the film Lifetime. They appeared to have received a decent separate income, but after their marriage, financial problems began to show.

In 2013, amid rumors of Dean’s romance, the couple revealed that they had several debts, including a credit card and other payments they were unable to make.

Celebrity Net Worth reported that in 2017 Dean’s ex said McDermott fell behind financially; apparently, he did not provide alimony or other expenses to their son for many months.

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Ex-wife Dinah also confirmed that her financially poor ex-husband also lived in the house, which was paid for by his mother-in-law, Candy Spelling.

Later in 2017, sources also reported that the Spelling-McDermott family owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid credit card bills, taxes and fees. and overdrafts on accounts.

How did Tory Spelling’s debt affect Dean McDermott?

Before Dean and Tory got together (when they were both married to their exes), Dean had no alimony or other payments. But it looks like tying his finances to that of Tory was not the best solution.

Combined with the fact that most sources say Dean peaked in television and film in the 90s, it’s no surprise that his earnings haven’t been as impressive over the years.

A little Sources say his net worth was around $ 3 million, but that seems unlikely given his and Tory’s financial woes. Not only did his divorce mean child support and other financial obligations were added to his plate, he also appeared in fewer films and shows after their wedding.

Perhaps Dean’s acting career was slowing down anyway, as was the case with many other ’90s stars. However, Tori Spelling hasn’t always had a great media reputation, and it’s understandable if the couple’s highly publicized relationship affected his ability to land high-profile jobs.

The two have also led a rather lavish lifestyle, and continue to do so despite their long-standing debts.

How much is the couple’s combined asset value?

Tory Spelling and Dean McDermott’s current fortune is between $ 1 million and $ 1.5 million, depending on the source. That’s a lot less than Dean’s $ 3 million autonomous net worth, so it’s hard to see how anyone stacks up the couple’s monetary resources.

It is also possible that their costs fluctuate greatly depending on Dean’s court decisions regarding child support payments. and the status of their tax payments or credit card balances.

It was also cited that Tory said that she and Dean had retirement accounts, but not much savings, making it even more difficult to get a clear picture of their finances.

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What really seems obvious to fans is that Dean McDermott likely damaged both his earning potential and his reputation when he abandoned his ex-wife and married Tory Spelling.

Despite the couple’s love story, which of course involves extramarital affairs (including rumors of infidelity after Dean and Tory’s wedding), fans have to wonder if the whole journey was worth it for either half of the couple.

Trouble in heaven can mean financial trouble

In late 2021, Tory Spelling admitted that living with Dean McDermott was making her unhappy. She also hinted that the prenuptial agreement was one of the reasons she didn’t file for divorce despite their troubled marriage.

But in early 2020, the couple bought the house for $ 3.7 million, suggesting that either they had liquid reserves. or were able to get a mortgage on the mansion. Either way, they seem to be making an income, much of which comes from Tory’s Hollywood efforts rather than her husband’s work.

However, Dean is an working; he appears in the 2021 TV series which must earn him a decent salary. That is, if the couple finally managed to get out of debt. And, of course, unless Dean finishes the second divorce and child support payments for him and Tory’s five children.

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