Watch Billie Eilish Confront Jimmy Kimmel for Making Her Look “Stupid”

Bailey Elish. Decided she could jump on the call. Jimmy Perfect. for them Infamous previous interview Which caused quite a stir on social media.

On Wednesday, October 13, the 19-year-old music superstar visited. Jimmy Perfect Live.And, on one occasion, Jimmy mentioned that he had a copy of the bucket list he wrote back in 2014.

“Think about it, Jimmy,” she said, feeling happy in the moment. “How old were you?” You In 2014? “

He provided a natural sage to produce it. His most talked about 2019 interview., During which Jimmy asked Billy about a list of pop culture quotes that became popular in 1984 when he was his age, many of whom seemed unfamiliar with him. It included Van Helen, Run-DMC. And cabbage patch left.

“Wait, hurry up,” Billy said with a big smile during the new interview. “Do you remember the last time I came here?” When Jimmy confirmed that he did, he continued, “And you made me a little stupid.”

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