Watch Julia Fox STEDDLET Kanye West as the couple share a passionate kiss in a naughty Interview Magazine photo shoot

JULIA Fox broke up with Kanye West when the couple kissed passionately in a spicy photo shoot for Interview Magazine.

The new upscale couple officially announced this on their extravagant second date during a night out in New York City.


Kanye West and his new girlfriend Julia Fox posed together for a spicy photo shootCredit: INTERVIEW
In one photo, Julia even straddled the ex-husband of rapper Kim Kardashian.


In one photo, Julia even straddled the ex-husband of rapper Kim Kardashian.Credit: INTERVIEW

Kanye made Julia “feel like Cinderella” on their second extravagant date in New York.

He took her to the Slave Play show, to dinner at Carbone, and all this time arranged an extravagant photo session of Kevin Leyva with Interview Magazine

In the photos with dim orange light, Kanye dressed and adorned Julia, and the couple posed, laughed, and kissed.

However, in two striking photographs, Julia is riding Kanye.

A new high-profile couple is pictured on a wooden floor in front of a clothes rack used for filming.

Julia, 31, sits astride 44-year-old Kanye as the couple appear to be kissing.

After a second, Julia was still straddling Kanye, but she was shown pinning him to the floor.

In other photos, Julia wore a black thong pulled over her pants as she hugged Kanye on the couch.

She wrapped her arms and body around Yeezy, who was wearing a black hoodie and sunglasses.

The couple then felt hot and heavy in the hallway as the father of four hugged Julia, who was being pushed against the wall.

Their faces are pressed against each other – as if they were about to kiss – while Kanye holds onto his curvy figure.

In another picture, ex-Kim Kardashian can be seen pulling clothes that he hand-picked for a brunette from hangers and putting them on.

Kanye is on her knees, straightening the dazzling denim jacket that Julia was wearing in another shot.


During a conversation with Interview MagazineThe Uncut Gems star spoke of her new man, “I met Ye in Miami on New Years Eve and it was an instant connection.”

She continued to break her silence about the high-profile relationship by explaining, “It’s so much fun to be around with his energy.”

In her first interview since they started dating, Julia shared details of their fun night together, which included watching Slave Play and having dinner at New York’s Carbonne diner, where Ye pampered her with an impromptu photo shoot.

She said, “At Restaurant E, she shot an entire photo shoot for me while people were having dinner!

“The whole restaurant loved it and we cheered us on while it was happening. After dinner, E prepared a surprise for me. That is, I’m still in shock.

“You had a whole hotel room full of clothes. It was every girl’s dream. It was like Cinderella’s present moment.

“I don’t know how he did it or how he did it all. But I was so surprised. For example, who does this kind of thing on a second date? Or any date! Everything was so organic with us. “

In photos taken by Kristen Bell Tattoos, Julia and Kanye are backstage at the August Wilson Theater to watch Slave Play together.

In one photo, Kanye is talking to the group while Julia is looking at him, and in the other they are posing together on stage after the performance.

Julia was previously married to her ex-husband and pilot Peter Artemiev, they have an eleven-month-old son, Valentino.


Julia was a dominatrix before her relationship with former rapper Kim was filled with the CCP.

Back in the summer of 2021, Julia opened for New Yorker journalist Naomi Frye spoke about her past life as a dominatrix when she prayed and was disappointed with the electric candles installed in place of the real ones at Our Lady of Pompeii Catholic Church in the West Village.

Julia was born outside Milan, Italy, and her family moved to New York with her American dad, who worked as a contractor when she was in first grade and sharing was not always easy.

She told The New Yorker, “We were homeless.”

The family took turns living in the apartment that her father was renovating at the time.

Julia continued: “I lived in friends’ houses. It was always some kind of dysfunctional family with a single mom, and I found my way, but my father didn’t care. “

However, Julia’s paths crossed with her older sister, who lived in one of these houses and worked as a dominant.

Julia confessed: “She looked at herself in the mirror, with fishing nets, PVC and platforms, and deep down I always knew it was an option.”

In her final year of high school, Julia decided to support the idea and responded to an ad on Craigslist before the adult section was removed from the site.

Her sex work led to a long-term romantic relationship with one of her clients, a wealthy older man.

She said, “We’ve been together for five years. He wanted me to marry him and I loved him so much, but he wanted me to wear, for example, Ralph Lauren Purple Label and Tory Burch. part.”

Despite being sober now, Julia was struggling with heroin and pill addiction at the time, and she ended the relationship.

Julia shared after a friend died of an overdose, she vowed that she would never get sick again.

After starring in Rough Gems alongside Adam Sandler with no previous acting experience, appeared on HBO Max in No Sudden Motion and is now dating Kanye West, she said, “In my personal life, I’m not crazy – wild sex. “

“I prefer great conversation or great food, but people think I’m such a sex goddess.

She concluded, “It must be because I never took it as a secret. This is a necessary function of the body! “


Just a couple of weeks after pleading with the SKIMS founder to “come back to him,” at his December concert, he was spotted several dates with Julia.

Kim thinks it’s funny that Kanye stopped begging her to come back to showcasing her new girlfriend around town in a matter of days.

“She knows this is not serious and is just your typical Kanye joke,” a source told Kristen Bell Tattoos.

“Kim thinks this is another desperate attempt to make her jealous. She honestly doesn’t care, she’s in love with him now, so his little acting doesn’t work.

“All she cares about with Kanye right now is raising their four children and making sure they have a happy life, that’s all.”

Meanwhile, Kim is currently enjoying the start of her 2022 with new man Pete Davidson in the Bahamas as their relationship continues to get more serious following her high-profile divorce.

Kim filed for divorce from Kanye, with whom she has four children, in early 2021 after less than seven years of marriage.

The photo shoot followed a new upscale couple in New York City on their second date.


The photo shoot followed a new upscale couple in New York City on their second date.Credit: INTERVIEW
Kanye took Julia to the Slave Play show and to dinner at Carbone before the photo shoot.


Kanye took Julia to the Slave Play show and to dinner at Carbone before the photo shoot.Credit: INTERVIEW
Julia was a dominatrix before stepping onto the big screen and starring in Uncut Gems.


Julia was a dominatrix before stepping onto the big screen and starring in Uncut Gems.Credit: INTERVIEW
Kanye West’s new girlfriend Julia Fox showed her forms in a crop top and leather pants after dinner with the rapper

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