Watch Megan Fox Try to Censor Machine Gun Kelly During a Couple’s Quiz

Earlier in the video, Megan asked Kelly for a list of one of her hidden abilities, which forced her to raise her eyebrows.

“No, you don’t have the guts,” he said, nicknameing her. “Don’t you dare. Only PG rated answers.”

Machine gun Kelly praised Fox’s intelligence. “If you were mine Danger! “Partners, you will honestly win each category,” he said. You are a tragedy, and the encyclopedia and the dictionary are all one.

Although Fox and Machine Gun Kelly did not reveal every answer, they did reveal a number of amusing facts. Megan has her biggest pet urine (chewing sound), her favorite movie (Harry Potter And a prisoner of the tongue.(And the movie he is most proud of)Jennifer’s body). Machine gun Kelly also revealed where his first job was (a grocery store) and his favorite comic book character (Lucifer). They also discussed many of their tattoos and details of their first date, the Topanga Valley Picnic full of sushi and roses.

Machine Gun Kelly recalled, “Our first date we breathed each other. That’s what we did.” “And then our second date …”

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