Watch Tom Holland’s Hot Ones Interview

Spider Man‘s tom holland First We Feast’s. Joined the finale of season 16 of hot ones, While eating some of the spiciest chicken wings on the planet and struggling to keep her composure, Holland shares the best gift she’s ever received from Marvel’s Robert Downey Jr. and explains what makes a carving in British pub-food culture .

“How are you with spicy food, and what’s going through your mind as we prepare to dig in?” Asked hot ones Host Shawn Evans. “I’m fine with spicy food,” Holland said. “I mean in Nando, I’m a medium or hot if I’m feeling adventurous. The extra hot for me has gone a bit far. So, I think today will be brutal, and I think all I will get to see a side of me that no one has ever seen before. Perhaps I have never seen the side that is about to come before me.”

Watch the full interview about Tom revealing some sides to himself you’ve never seen before.

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