Watching Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral –

British broadcasters are reviewing their programming daily ahead of Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral next Monday, striking a balance between tribute programming and some shows that were previously scheduled to air.

Queen Elizabeth II passed away on Thursday at the age of 96, and the country is in mourning, tributes are pouring in from all over the world and numerous events have been cancelled.

All broadcasters have told that they are taking a day-to-day approach to their schedule and are releasing updates every 24 hours. After the funeral, which is likely to become one of the most watched TV shows of all time, the schedule is expected to return almost completely to normal.

BBC One’s daily offer today (September 12) continues to focus on tributes.

The new King Charles III has just entered Westminster Hall and the channel is showing Westminster tributes his mother from politicians. The afternoon will be dominated Service for Her Majesty the Queen The action takes place in Scotland, the country where the Queen’s coffin was located until yesterday after her death in Balmoral.

We’ll see in the evening Our queen remembered in a special edition of the daily magazine format One show but drama East Enders as well as capture will subsequently be broadcast as planned.

The latter goes against ITV Suspect in the battle of BBC and ITV big-budget thrillers at 9pm.

ITV similarly shows Queen Elizabeth II: lying down to rest coverage this afternoon today and is currently being broadcast Royal Tour – Westminster.

extended ITV news at ten special edition runs from 10:00 pm, followed by Mary Nightingale’s paper Queen Elizabeth II.

Channel 4, which was the first channel to start returning to its regular schedule, broadcasting similar glasses on Friday, also daily reviews and will update special programs.

Some major television events have been rescheduled, such as the highly anticipated drama Sky, starring Kenneth Branagh and Boris Johnson. This England which detailed the early days of the Covid pandemic under Johnson’s administration and was delayed by one week to observe a period of mourning. No edits will be made to the drama due to the Queen’s death.

annual national television In the meantime, the awards have been postponed for a month, until Thursday, October 13th.

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