Wayne Brady reflects on the time when “whose line is this” became shockingly real about racism

In 1988, a show was released called “Whose Line Is This?” debuted on the British television network Channel 4. At the time, no one knew how popular the show would eventually become. In the end, the show would not only make a few comedic performers famous, but it would also spawn an American version that has been broadcasting for many, many years.

After appearing in just three episodes of Channel 4’s Whose Line Is This ?, Wayne Brady began starring in the American version of the show. Over the past twenty years, Brady has appeared in over 150 episodes of Whose Line Is This and left the show laughing every time. On top of that, Brady won the second season of The Masked Singer, leaving viewers swooning over his amazing vocal skills. Building on all the success Brady has enjoyed, he is best known for his smiles and laughter.


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When Whose Line Is It Anyway Real About Racism

Over the years, the stars of Whose Line Is This? have often proved that they are willing to go far enough to provoke laughter. For example, in 2021, the Internet went berserk when information appeared about whose line it was? star Colin Mokri hit a fan in the head with a video. It was later revealed that the entire incident was part of a sketch for an as-yet-to-air television pilot Mokri was working on. As a result of how committed they are to their comedy, the most popular Whose Line Is This? performers have saved up a lot of money.

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Despite the fact that the stars of the series “Whose Line Is This?” they seem to like to make the audience laugh, this does not mean that humor is all that worries them. For instance, Wayne Brady posted an excerpt from an old episode of Whose Line Is This? in the midst of protests against George Floyd. While it might seem very odd to post an excerpt from a comedy show under such circumstances, the video that Brady posted revolved around racism and was shockingly relevant to the situation.

During the aforementioned video, Wayne Brady, Colin Mockri and the third white performer can be seen queuing up. Ryan Stiles can be seen standing in front of the trio as he says, “Can you pick the person who robbed you?” Mokri and another performer can then be seen gesturing at Brady in connection with racism in the criminal justice system.

When the two white performers started gesticulating at Wayne Brady in the aforementioned video, the audience and Aisha Tyler were clearly laughing. While it’s pretty clear that this moment was meant to be a harmless laugh, Brady stayed briefly to comment on the joke. “You all know this is fucked up, right?” For those who think Brady was only playing on a joke when he said this, it’s worth noting what Wayne posted on Instagram when he posted the video. “When you’re kidding, but not really. When comedy really meets … “

Moments after the initial “Whose line is this?” joking about their race, Wayne Brady and host Aisha Tyler have teamed up to make a difference and say something really important about society. After all, three white males, whose line is this? performers who were part of this episode line up, Tyler pretends to be a law enforcement officer and asks a leading question.

“Sir, can you single out the people who embezzled hundreds of millions of dollars from the American economy and then made you pay for it?” Then Brady replies, “You mean systematically devaluing my education and assigning me to certain areas, when I could not actually get an education that would allow me to rise to a certain financial position in this country?” Finally, Tyler then says, “and also prohibits you from giving any loans for housing, work, business or renting a car.”

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Wayne Brady’s race was a stress point for him at another time

Anyone who has seen Wayne Brady perform should acknowledge that he is an extremely talented person, to say the least. However, this, unfortunately, does not mean that Brady is always treated with respect. For example, in one of the episodes of Chappelle’s show, the legendary comedian Paul Mooney made a crack at the expense of Brady… “White people love Wayne Brady because he makes Bryant Gumbel look like Malcolm X.

A few years later, in 2021, Wayne Brady went to the Breakfast Club, where he was asked about Mooney’s joke and whose line it was? the star was not shy in words. “The joke was unfortunate. This is not a funny joke. ” In addition, Brady commented on stereotypes about how blacks should act.

“He made this joke based on the fact that he felt that black culture would laugh at Bryant Gumbel and Wayne Brady … these words have cultural power. You would criticize two people who are pioneers in their business to prove that they are not black enough. You don’t have my black card, Paul. Nobody owns my black card. “

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