We all know about the new Netflix show and why fans are going crazy.

Netflix South Korean survival drama streaming TV series released. Squid game. On September 17 this year Squid game. Contains 9 episodes. And the director is Huang Dong Hyuk.

In the play, 456 people will risk their lives in a survival game to win a انعام 38.7 million prize. The main cast of the series includes actors Li Jing Ja, Park Hee Soo, Ho Yoon Jung, Oh Yong Soo, Hee Song Tai, Anupam Tripathi, Kim Joo Riang, and Wei Ha Jun. The show topped Netflix’s weekly most-watched TV show charts globally, making it the first Korean drama to reach the top 10 charts.

Fans Squid game. There are many interesting and intriguing reasons to be obsessed with the series that will blow your mind. Here is what we know about the series so far.

In squid game, you will either win or lose and die.

456 Different people receive invitations from unknown sources who mislead them to participate in children’s games in a secret place. The game that rivals will play is from their childhood in South Korea. Anyone who surrenders to the game will lose and die. Red light, green light. An example of a deadly game played in a show. The player’s goals are in dire need of money, where he has been promised a hefty reward of .7 38.7 million.

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Four days after its release, Squid Game became number one on Netflix.

From September 21, Survival Drama. Squid game. Reached the top spot as the most watched show on Netflix. It made the first Korean series to occupy this position. Netflix co-CEO Ted Serendus made the announcement. Squid game. It is already the most watched non-English show on the platform, and it is very likely that it will become the most popular show ever. Bridgeton..

It’s a good idea to watch a squid game in English.

The show is originally from South Korea, and the language used is clearly Korean. However, it is dubbed in English, and you will not feel any discomfort when you see it in your language. The American voice actors who dubbed the show are very experienced with a Korean background. They are the best in their field, which makes watching the show in English a great experience.

Beware if you decide to ‘squid game’ in 9 hours.

It’s a good idea to bring nine episodes of the horror drama series in 9 consecutive hours if you have the time. However, keep this in mind. Squid game. It is a violent and bloody horror show. There are many horrible deaths, especially when people lose the game.

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Don’t expect the second season of ‘Squid Game’

Survival Horror Drama series director Huang Dong Hyuk is considering returning to work in the big screen and has no plans for a second season. Squid game.. The director said that making a sequel to the show would be a tiring process. He added that he would likely add more directors and writers.

‘Squid game’ has been compared to ‘parasite’

Some critics have compared the Netflix series. Squid game. To do South Korean film. Parasite. The 2019 Oscar-winning comedy thriller tells the story of a poor family whose members falsely claim to be highly qualified workers. He wanted to enter the life of a rich family and work for them.

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‘Squid Game’ games are using Roblox player.

Not only that. Squid game. Netflix is ​​taking the storm by storm, but it’s also affecting a lot of games on Roblox. You can find the name of the gaming platform games. Squid game. And some other dramas in the series, like Fish Game and Hexa Game. Most of them are appearing on the popular section of Rublox and are high on the list.

‘Squid Game’ accused of stealing ‘God’s Will’ parts

Deadly game movies are not new, and many successful movies use conspiracies to force people to participate in sports or tournaments, resulting in death. Netflix Squid game. Some social media users accused him of theft. He claimed that he found parts of the series similar to the deadly game Japanese film of 2014. As God’s will..

They found that the game “Daruma” was similar to “Red Light, Green Light”. He pointed out similarities, including a giant doll and a countdown clock. Critics also consider the game of hop on glass tiles to be plagiarism.

Huang Dong-hyuk responded to the theft allegations.

Director of Horror Drama Survival Game Series. Squid game., Huang Dong-hyuk announced that he started working on the script of the show in 2008, while the Japanese film. As God’s will. Not released until 2014. He claimed that he did not steal any part of the film and all the similarities are coincidental. However, Huang announced that he has always been a fan of Japanese animation and comedy.

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