We Are Obsessed With This $40 Faux Fur Lounge Pillow

Apparently I’m not the only one who suffers completely. Target shoppers also like it. Check out some reviews below.

“Wow wow this thing is very comfortable and everyone in my house fights for it. Its gray makes it match everything in our house and gives any place a little extra comfort. It’s going to be so easy to clean. “

“I loved the size and feel of this lounger! It has been perfect for movie nights, bedtime and bedtime. You can also use it as a baluster! The color is neutral and it’s very Feels soft and plush … I loved being washed in it and hopefully it can be washed, and relax. “

“I wasn’t sure what I would think of it the first time I saw it. I’ve never heard of a lounge pillow before. It’s a great size and very comfortable. I like the floor. It includes ties so you can wrap it up and store it. It actually fits perfectly in our Ottoman storage. It’s a shiny original place for my son though. He really likes it. Because he just likes to spend time on it. He has seen some movies on it in the living room and is sitting on it working on crafts.

“Love this and such a great idea! It fits me perfectly to be comfortable and relaxed, especially during the coming fall / winter months.

“It’s a very nice mat / pillow! It’s a really nice gray color. One side has a pattern, the other side is smooth. It’s well made and made of standard materials. Pleasant ties that hold when wrapped. They are safe and do not go out. The best thing is that it is very soft and comfortable.

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