We discovered that my traumatized rescue dog was happiest among flowers, so we brought him to all the fields we could find (22 photos)

Even after four years, it is still difficult for me to understand the needs of tofu. She was found in a kill shelter in Romania, where she was rescued at just four months old and came to live with us. His behavior is so different from my other dog and basically every dog ​​I’ve ever met, we affectionately call him our cat. Mostly because she loves, loves to sleep… Above all, her favorite place is my bed. She hates walking and going outside, except when it snows. When it snows, it won’t come back. She will curl up in the snow, hug it, eat it, love it.

Her other passion is flowers. We visited her first flower farm when she was 8 months old. Instead of her usual fear, she would delicately sweep flowers between them and sit in the middle. While we were doing our thing, she would sit there and far away from us, for minutes, half an hour or more. Until I come and take it away. We have to leave at a certain point.

We bring him to every arena we visit and for the past three years I have started photographing his happy moments amongst his ‘friends’. Eyes closed, nose in the air, enjoying every moment. If you are interested, you can find my previous post on Board Panda here.

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Seeing beautiful flowers

Feeling the sun on your little face

Smell the wonderful tulips

Sister is worrying him.

Flower Trans

I will carry his glorious floor to every blooming tree.

the flower

This time I brought the wrong pet

Taking a nap in the hyacinths

Bunch of flowers in back

Looking at the fields we could not reach.

We found a poppy field

The first crocuses after a long winter

A field of wildflowers in France

Every sunflower field, blooming or not?

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