Weird Brendan Fraser Roles You Forgot Existed

To outer space and back to the world of children’s animation we have the 2012 whimsical sci-fi adventure Escape from Planet Earth. And if you’re looking for a Frasier movie with a great cast, this one is oddly the best, with the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker, Rob Corddry, Ricky Gervais, Jessica Alba, James Gandolfini and William Shatner all lending their voices to spice things up. many characters. On paper, it has an intriguing twist: the main characters are heroes from another world on a rescue mission on an alien planet called Earth. In execution, unfortunately, “Escape from Planet Earth” leaves much to be desired.

Frazier leads the film as Scorch Supernova, his planet’s greatest hero, and Corddry as Scorch’s crazy brother Gary, who acts as his backstage assistant. But when Scorch goes to Earth and the mission fails, it’s up to Gary to step in and play the hero to save his little brother. But the clunky animation, predictable clich├ęd plot made it an unfortunately bizarre misfire for Fraser. At the very least, he went unnoticed and mostly invisible, and today he was almost forgotten – until the moment he appeared on this list. Sorry Brendan.

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