Weird procedure SNL rookies endure in their first week

As with any new job, there can be a lot of prep work in the first week, and prep is exactly what the hair department focuses on with new actors. Current cast Chloe Fineman recently spoke with the charm and explained the unique item each actor receives. “When you launch SNL, the first week of the show, you get what’s called a wig bubble,” she said. “They wrap a piece of tape around your head to measure your scalp, then carefully cut it off and put it on the foam. [head], then basically recreate your own head so that if you get a wig made, the lace and whatever is sewn is exactly that shape. This is madness.”

Although this technique may seem strange, it actually saves time. behind the scenes video Jody Mancuso, the head of the show’s hair department, said, “Maybe it takes 50 hours in the quick phase to make a wig and hopefully it will be ready by Saturday.” The hard work pays off for Mancuso and the rest of the staff in the hair department who have earned Emmy prime time in 2021.

Since first appearing on the show in 2019, Fineman said she’s worn at least 200 wigs, as well as a wig made to look like her real hair. This fall, Saturday Night Live begins its 48th season on NBC.

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