Weird video of Meghan Markle saying she’s royalty

Oh my god, how much can change in 15 short days. On August 29, the world learned that Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, had given her first print interview in five years titled “Megan Montecito‘, with the intro saying, “She’s left the Firm… Now she’s ready for her next move.”

KAPOV! So Megan is ready to chart her own course! Ready to leave those musty Brits and their weird views on crossing legs!

But sometimes a great headline contradicts these annoying things, facts, because there were few details about this “next act” (despite the best efforts of the journalist), and instead we received complete nonsense from the Duchess.

America’s headline writers may have been ready for Meghan to leave, but the Duchess still seemed ready to talk a lot about family and the institution she and Harry were supposed to leave behind in the rearview mirror, including the line “Just by existing, we disrupted the dynamic of the hierarchy.”

And now, two weeks later, the Sussexes are docked in the UK following Her Majesty’s death last week, and a new video shows Meghan appears to have really changed her tune.

Remember that royal family? This “hierarchy” that he and Harry were “breaking” by simply breathing and writing inspirational messages on bananas? Ironically, Meghan now seems ready to identify as part of it.

The 26-second video was recorded over the weekend when, in a truly extraordinary set of circumstances, Meghan, Harry, William and Kate, the Prince and Princess of Wales, took part in a walk outside Windsor Castle. The quartet, once so briefly called the “Fab Four”, is back: back to shake hands, greet the crowd and hug. If you squinted and peeked through the black outfits, it could almost be repeated in 2018.

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However, it is clear that since then the entire royal universe has turned sharply on its axis, and the Sussexes have turned from loyal palace soldiers into the world’s leading opposition force against the Firm. (I bet the founders of the British electoral group The Republic would like them to be at least half as effective as the Sussexes in whipping up anti-monarchist sentiment.)

So much water – angry, resentful, deeply emotional water – has flown under the bridge for both Wales and Harry and Meghan over the past few days, but never mind, during this walk, all weapons were laid down in honor of the Queen.

Respect was par for the course for a woman whose life was defined by an unwavering commitment to duty, while everyone else ignored the cognitive dissonance of the Sussexes suddenly back to a sort of royal job. (Oprah who?)

This brings us to a video that shows a brief interaction between Meghan and a member of the public named Amelka. The Duchess first warmly asks the woman her name before saying, “Thank you for being here, it means so much to the family, we appreciate it, thank you.”

Then, after asking how long Amelka waited (two hours), she says, “Oh my God, well, I hope you can come home soon. We appreciate you being here.”

Did you notice it? “We.” Two “we” really.

Hearing Meghan say that word, identifying herself as a member of the royal family after several years of attacks with Harry on the House of Windsor, is very unpleasant. Who would have thought the day would come when the Duchess of Sussex would so lightly claim membership in a group that she and Harry have repeatedly attacked, a group she has accused of racism and a callous disregard for her mental health.

Of course, Meghan is still part of the family, and the Queen herself has stated this on numerous occasions, saying that the Sussexes “will always be very much loved members of my family” in 2020 and again in 2021, saying they “remain very much loved members of the family.” families”.

(It’s impossible here not to wonder how this could have gone with the rest of the royal family. Is someone currently heimliching Princess Anne after she swallowed a toffee while browsing Twitter and stumbled upon this?)

What his video really draws attention to is the fact that the Duke and Duchess never seemed to have any problem with the hypocrisy of all that cake and eating it too stupid. Time and time again, the couple seemed to nonchalantly refuse to bother fighting the attacks on the Palace with their willingness to exchange their royal status.

If I were to list all the comments, statements, and sound bites the couple have given the world since Megxit that criticize the royal family in one way or another, might have to consider expanding their servers. They clearly have an ax that they have been diligently making for many years.

And yet they never stopped using their Sussex titles, which Her Majesty gave Harry, and thus Meghan, on their wedding day. Each of their performances, interviews and picnics, as far as I’ve seen, included their full royal names, which were thrown at everything with healthy energy. (A notable exception is her Archetypes podcast, in which she is simply “Megan”.)

The titles may greatly irritate our democratic, modern sensibilities, but they still impress; they still carry the fairy dust of royalty; and it obviously does very valuable things indeed.

Harry and Meghan have made several big business deals since arriving in the United States in 2020, estimated to be in excess of $200 million. Would Netflix, Spotify, mental fitness platform BetterUp and Penguin Random House be so enthusiastic about working with them and opening their very fat wallets if they were just Mr. and Mrs. Mountbatten-Windsor?

It comes down to the fact that they seem willing to happily claim royal membership when it suits their purposes, and then present themselves as underdogs when more appropriate.

Harry and Meghan may not have found their “next act” yet, but with the accession of King Charles III, ironically, the royal family has found a lot.

Daniela Elser is a writer and royal expert with over 15 years of experience working with some of Australia’s leading media.

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