Wes Anderson’s favorite anime is a mind-blowing classic

Wes Anderson’s favorite anime is not a movie but a TV show, the 1995 cult classic Neon Genesis Evangelion created by Hideaki Anno. AT Gup In an article where the directors cited their favorite films, Anderson actually named the series and quite willingly described watching all 26 episodes. “We’ve seen them all in less than a week because you start to want to believe it’s real,” he said. “It could give birth to something like Scientology.

It can be hard to believe that Anderson is such a fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion, a show in which a teenager must fight ancient monsters using biomachines called Evangelions. This sci-fi plot seems a far cry from Anderson’s interest in 20th-century culture and deadpan, even goofy humor. But anime themes about sons estranged from their families, human alienation and loneliness, and personal freedom are also very present in the Texan director’s work. No wonder it is so deeply connected to history.

And while Anderson didn’t really do science fiction in his films, one of his latest films, Isle of Dogs, was a full blown homage to Japanese culture and history. Who knows? Perhaps “Neon Genesis Evangelion” influenced his work more than anyone even suspected.

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