Westworld Summary: Parental Discretion Recommended

The scenes and sets don’t change as quickly as in the previous two episodes, and the revelations also happen more subtly and softly. One of the unresolved questions that arise in “Loyalty” was whether Caleb became the host when Charlotte stole him, or Maeve first took him in after he died during their attack on Rehoboam Lighthouse. Franky tells Maeve that the last time she saw Caleb alive, she also saved Franky’s life for the first time – when she was attacked on the street in season 4, episode 1 of Omens.

While every bit of information provided by the writers of Westworld should be taken with a grain of salt, it would mean that Frankie never saw her father recovering in the hospital, making it likely that this happened somewhere in the server, not at Frankie and Uwade’s Meat Space (Nosipho McLean). This matches up with the episode’s many flashbacks of that recovery period that show Uwada, but not Frankie’s trail.

Until now, hosts have not been designed to age like Franky, so either Hale has made a leap in technology or Franky is still a real person. But doubts creep in whether she or her mother or Maeve’s creations are real.

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