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A new four-year contract between WGA East and Audacy, formerly CBS Radio, has been unanimously ratified by the 57 members working under it. The guild’s new agreement with the nation’s second-largest radio company covers WGA East members working for KNX in Los Angeles, WCBS in New York, and WBBM in Chicago.

The agreement provides for an annual pay increase, starting with a 3% increase for most employees, which is retroactive to April 6. It also includes improved vacations, higher honoraria for current editors at WBBM, improved diversity and inclusive language, and digital learning.

“Audacy needs the talent and hard work of our members to create audio content,” said WGA East Executive Director Lowell Peterson. “This agreement emphasizes that the basis of our power as a trade union is our members – their participation and solidarity.”

“We are proud of the agreement that we were able to present to our fellow guild members at Audacy for ratification and we are pleased to see that they have agreed,” the union’s negotiating committee said in a statement. “These were by no means easy negotiations. We faced the challenge of ensuring that Audacy contributed enough to our pension and this was critical for our members. Thanks to the solidarity of the members, we have been able to secure the future of our pension, among many other benefits that will benefit us. We thank our colleagues for their support because we would not have reached this agreement if everyone had not come together.”

According to the guild, the highlights of the contract include:
• Journalists, editors, writers of commercials and senior secretaries of WCBS (in WGA pension) will receive annual increases in each year of the contract from 2% to 3%.
• WBBM Associate Producers (not receiving a WGA pension) will receive an hourly raise of up to $16.90 for employees who have been with the company for more than five years.
• As of April 1, 2023, WBBM acting editor fees increase to $3.50 per hour.
• Vacation time increases to three weeks after three years and four weeks after 10 years.
• Improved language of the Diversity Committee regarding training and funding for diversity initiatives.
• The company will provide digital training, including web production and podcasting.
• The company agrees to meet to discuss editorial standards at WBBM.
• The Company may provide compensation for night shift work, inclement weather, or breaking news work.
• The company will meet to discuss hazard pay in the event of a health or safety emergency.
• Employees can use floating leave for the June date.

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