What actually made a deal with Jonathan Banks to come back to better call Saul

According to Jonathan Banks, the main thing that helped him return as Mike Ehrmantraut in Better Call Saul was the opportunity to explore his inner demons related to the death of his cop son Matty, which was heavily touched upon in Season 1. Banks sat down with Decisive in April 2020 and discussed the motives behind the return.

“So years go by and Peter Gould called me and said you were on Better Call Saul,” Banks recalled. “He said do you remember when he was talking about your son and I said yes. Well, in that first season of Better Call Saul, episode 5, it was revealed that Mike was responsible for his son’s death. I mean it pretty much closed everything for me. I still liked the character, but I thought if we were going to talk about his past, where Mike came from, and some of the backstories that I was involved in.”

Speaking with Washington Post in a July 2022 interview, Banks described that Mike is a complex character that he has always enjoyed playing, even though his actions have been violent and morally wrong at times. “Well, I love this character. This broken, broken character,” Banks said, noting that some of the themes and situations Mike went through in Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad were also recognized in his own life. . “You know, you wake up in the middle of the night regretting the things you did in high school, for Christ’s sake, or before – throughout your life, and you can’t change that.” Banks then called himself a “hypocrite” because he tries to move forward in life, especially when it comes to certain things he knows he can’t change anymore.

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