What always surprises Kurtwood Smith when watching reruns of a 70s show

In 2015 TV Guide interviewKurtwood Smith explained that he doesn’t always remember jokes when he watches that ’70s Show rerun. “It’s amazing how many scenes I watch and say, ‘I don’t remember this,'” the actor explained. He said that the reason he doesn’t remember much is because on many occasions he only told the joke once. “Because we changed them in front of the public,” Smith continued. “The writers would say, ‘Say that instead.’ You’re watching something eight years later and you’ve only said it once, it’s easy to forget.” So it seems like the dialogue was changed at the last minute and the writers were adding new jokes on the fly during recording.

It seems that Smith, with all his extensive acting experience, is someone the writers and directors trust to collaborate on the roles he plays, not just as Red Foreman, but in some of his other roles as well.

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