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There’s just so much good content out there – way too much, in fact – that choosing the nominees who deserve to win is really hard work. If they’ve come this far, with this level of competition, then they must be good. I’ve seen a lot of what voters have to go through to get their ballots filled, and in many cases it becomes Solomon’s choice, this – and every – year. For the last couple of weeks every day I’ve been predicting who will win in various major programming and acting categories, but now here’s who I think will be Cool see there getting an Emmy on stage, not necessarily who I think will win. Basically, I like surprises, so I really hope for the victory of the upset brigade, but I would not count on it.


Jean Page/Hulu

How can we compare the joy of viewing White Lotusfor example, against bitter truths drowsiness? Both deserve an Emmy for exceptional storytelling and craftsmanship in different ways. I’m delighted that HBO has ordered a second season. White Lotus, having moved to Sicily but still managed by the brilliant Mike White, who I hope will find love at the Emmys. The only actor from the original Hawaiian movie to return with a brand new cast is the inimitable Jennifer Coolidge. I can’t wait to see her lead Tanya McQuoid on the next edition, but I certainly hope the first one takes her straight to the Emmy stage. More than ever, shows like this prove that the Television Academy would do well to add a couple of ensemble categories. It’s hard to decide who should win when so many people are forced to compete against each other.

squid game

squid game
No Juhan/Netflix

I’m rooting for the Korean sensation too squid game win a lot of Emmy love for his amazingly original TV achievement. It would be great if this group found their way into the circle of winners.


However, my real guilt remains that it has lasted all this century and will never get old. It would be great to see Larry David Curb Enthusiasm finally win the Emmy comedy series that has eluded him for a long time? It’s the longest of shots, but last season was as edgy as ever. I can’t wait for the next batch of new shows in this series.

It’s just that in the old days it would have been nice to see a major broadcast network (remember those?) come back and win in the main programming category – drama, comedy or limited series – but that would mean that the only broadcast nominee in any of them, ABC abbot elementary, should have won and I wouldn’t mind that a bit. I guarantee you it will be a very popular win, to be sure.

And that’s what I really would like to see someone other than John Oliver win for the VarietyTalk series. Enough after six years in a row, how good Oliver’s weekly series is. Let’s give it to one of the shows that should come out every night.

I really think that Ben Stiller is going to take home the Emmy statuette for Severance. The industry loves the show and deserves it for tapping into our post-pandemic zeitgeist, even if it was by accident (the show has been in development since at least 2017). This is a show of its time, and its time has come. And let’s cheer for Better call Saul Rhea Seehorn and Bob Odenkirk, too, although if they don’t, they’re still eligible again next year for the final series of episodes that aired this summer. Somehow they can No be ignored.

morning show

morning show

I know it’s not very fashionable in critical circles to sing praises. morning showalthough I don’t know why. This is one of the most watched shows on the air. I couldn’t be happier, and in addition to Billy Crudup repeating his 2020 Emmy win, I’d love to see Reese Witherspoon take over as an actress in a drama series. As for the Emmys, this show is, in my opinion, the most underrated.

Only murders in the building


Wouldn’t it brighten the night if somehow Steve Martin and Martin Short were able to star in a sitcom? It would be fun.

And even though it didn’t make it into a comedy series, I was so happy to see the wonderful musical takeoff. Shmigadun! winning original song for “Corn Puddin'” at last week’s Creative Arts ceremonies, in one of the four categories in which it was nominated. Let’s hope it gets nominated next year for Outstanding Comedy Series. I just know that one day the sun will come out for you Shmigadun!

Apple TV+

The very long season of the Emmys comes to an end tonight as the 74th Annual Emmy Awards airs on NBC starting at 5:00 pm PT and 8:00 pm ET. Whatever happens, everything will be deserved. It’s been a season full of great content too much content but still great. Good luck to all nominees. See you at Microsoft.

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