“What are people foolishly proud of?” (38 responses)

Pride is a feeling that can be both constructive and destructive. Healthy pride often encourages positive behavior, however, its unhealthy side can make one arrogant and self-centered. Appreciating one’s own progress and success is certainly a self-esteem booster, but overdoing it and comparing can lead to unpleasant results.

In general, people’s upbringing and environment are huge factors that influence what they feel proud of. For example, some pandas take pride in sharing their bamboo because they are taught to value kindness more, while other pandas may take pride in getting bamboo out of cleverness because they value cleverness more.

Whatever the case may be, pride is just another feeling and it can arise in strange situations for a variety of reasons! Recently, a Redditor ask A question, “What do people foolishly boast about?” The viral thread received tons of responses revealing the weirdest and funniest reasons why people feel proud of themselves.

KristenBellTattoos.com has compiled some of the most interesting responses from the thread, scroll down to read them all, and let us know what you feel about people who just like to brag about their modest accomplishments. Finally, keep celebrating your successes, and be proud of the things you’re good at!

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Not reading books. Actually proud of it.

Edit: By far, the saddest comments are those who defend watching TV as “working as hard as reading”.

PicardTangoAlpha , Queen Dombrowski Reports

Not changing a diaper My father, a father of 7, brags that he has never changed a diaper. Like, congrats on no help?

Pork , Mark Finneran Reports

Unhealthy dogs That their dog is overweight but is really a fat sausage with legs that can’t walk three steps without panting.

whiskybidnus , Mr. TGT Reports

Being cruel Being cruel

My ex actually said, “Yeah, I saw this guy in a pub yesterday who tried to talk to us and I basically burned his stupid shirt for an hour.”

Any currency 6027 , Les Chatfield Reports

Fake mental illnesses Fake mental illnesses. Depression/Anxiety/OCD are not cute and cuddly, they actually debilitate the people who suffer from them.

Joe Haley , Stew Reports

Brand loyalty. brand loyalty,

If you’re not getting paid to exclusively use Apple, Samsung, Sony, Nintendo, Nike, Adidas, Chanel, then why are you making it so hard for them?

SpareAd2794 , Patrick Hamburg Reports

Opinions based on one thing having or having beliefs or opinions about oneself based on one thing or another;

Saying you will or won’t do something because it’s (the Alabama way). Supporting everything America does because you’re American. Supporting everything a political party does because it is your political party. Supporting everything a woman does because you’re a feminist.

SpareAd2794 , MedLab Manchester Digital Laboratory Reports

Bragging about trauma How bad they have it. I’ve seen people borderline brag about how much trauma they’re going through like it’s some kind of competition.

anon , Christian Angoriano Reports

Speaking their minds How many sensitive people don’t get along with them because they “aren’t afraid to speak their minds.”

(aka they’re an a**hole who always has to voice their objectionable opinions very loudly)

Batalo , Pedro Ribeiro Simoz Reports

Not knowing anything Nothing is known.

I have a colleague who, whenever he sees me changing paper towels, loudly and proudly proclaims that he’s worked there for five years, and he doesn’t even know how. I’m sure he thought it was some amazing “look how smart I am” moment in his head, but all I could think was, “I’d be embarrassed for not knowing something so basic, and surely this It wouldn’t be proud to be lazy.”

n00baka , Matt Baum Reports

Drunk driving drunk driving.

They say it makes them a great friend. Wait until you kill a kid and then see how cool you feel. Ballends.

Consistent_Pie_7408 , Jason Weaver Reports

Political views His political views.

It’s not just one side doing this c**p. It is just as disturbing as being berated by a “woke” person and spoken to as if it were a “MAGA” person. You’re both freaking out, and proud of it. Just stop, f**k.

Wizard_Alvin_3003 , Gage Skidmore Reports

IQ test Those IQ test people share but they don’t know how to read their results. A man was only proud that he was in the top 90%

7 Grendel , Alberto G Reports

Everything about yourself wealth


Ability to use substances such as alcohol

their sexual activity (whether virgin or sexually active);

Lack of sleep

How many hours are they exploited/worked?

AlHazard33 , Edwin Sarmiento Reports

Not missing a day of work “I haven’t missed a day of work in years.”

This usually means you went into the office at least a couple of times while really sick.

44035 , Charlotte Hennard Reports

Country snobbery I grew up in a rural/country area, and I struggle to find a word to describe it, but the kind of country rudeness where they brag about being too good to do things like that. People who are great at simple things.

Geauxnad337 , The rose woman Reports

Their “roots” in a country from which their great-grandfathers, great, great, great, great, great, great.

Irishman Reports

How hard they work.

How little sleep they need.

How much do they spend on a car?

doowgad1 Reports

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