What are Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir doing?

When you think of iconic partnerships, the duo Virtu-Moar always comes to mind. Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir have been ice dancing partners and great friends for over 20 years and together they have achieved many incredible achievements. They have won 3 Olympic gold and two silver Olympic medals (becoming the most decorated Olympic figure skaters of all time), three world championships, three championships on four continents and eight national championships in Canada. After an extremely successful career, the team announced their retirement in 2019. What have they been doing since then?

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Tessa and Scott have broken up since they retired. They remain best friends, but they also have a need to grow on their own. Let’s take a look at what they’ve been up to since retirement and what their lives look like now.

6 Tessa Virtue tried modeling

Emerging from a professional career to which she had devoted most of her life, Tessa found herself eager to explore all the other possibilities the world has to offer. One of KristenBellTattoos.com she was able to try is modeling. She was always interested in fashion, and while she was never her main focus, she always wanted to dive a little more into the industry. She recently modeled RW & Co. Spring collection, a clothing brand that she has since fallen in love with.

Their clothes are distinguished by sophisticated elegance.“she said,” but there is also this quirky, fun element that allows people to express themselves in a truly unique way. And I love to find that balance. “

She also partners with many other brands such as Nivea, Adidas and The Brick, not only as a model for them, but also to leverage their platforms to empower young women.


5 Scott Moir started working as a coach

Even after 22 years of skating with Tessa and countless awards, Scott doesn’t seem ready to give up his passion. So from now on, he will return to the rink from a new role: as head coach and managing director of the Montreal Ice Academy.

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He returns to familiar territory. Shortly before retirement, he and Tessa trained there, and they only have great memories. Scott hopes to make his mark on the history of this prestigious academy and help his students become better athletes and better people.

4 Tessa Virtu is working towards her MBA

With more free time, Tessa is ready to devote herself to her studies. She always wanted to get a degree, and she is close to it, but she is also ready to take on a new challenge: getting an MBA.

“I have been in school part-time, mostly since I entered university when I was 17 – I’m only a few points less than my degree in psychology.“Tessa shared with Hey!… “This semblance of being normal on campus was important to me, and I felt like I was broadening my horizons outside of figure skating. And I always knew that I wanted to do business. I have a very strong entrepreneurial spirit, reinforced by the fact that I am my own boss as an athlete. I am so delighted to accept the MBA program. I can’t wait – I think it will be just an exciting learning challenge to do something physically for such a long time. “

3 Scott Moir May See Collaboration With Tessa Virtue In Near Future

The fact that they are no longer figure skating partners does not mean that the Virtu-Moar duo is over. Not only are the two very close friends, but they make up a great team, and even though they no longer compete together, they are still open to collaboration in other aspects of their careers. For example, with the new position of Scott as head coach. When asked if he and Tessa would ever work together as coaches, he very happily replied that it was always possible.

I don’t want to worry people too much– he prefaced him, – but she talked about what it would be like to return to the rink, and I want to make sure that it is always available for Tessa Virtu.

2 Tessa lives a good home life

Tessa is definitely busy with new projects and tasks and no doubt loves it all. But let’s focus for a moment on what her daily life looks like now that she’s retired from figure skating.

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For the most part, Tessa Virtue lives a quiet life with two lovers of her life: her boyfriend, hockey player Morgan Rielli, and their puppy, Zoe, whom they adopted not so long ago. Two of them live in Toronto.

one Scott is engaged

There has always been speculation about the nature of Scott and Tessa’s relationship, given the fact that they were so close for decades, but nothing romantic ever happened between them. However, Scott fell in love with his other figure skating partner: figure skater Jackie Mascarin. They didn’t work together for long before Scott and Tessa started their partnership, but they apparently had a lot of chemistry in other aspects of their lives. Tessa was very supportive and confirmed that she would be attending the wedding, which was supposed to take place in 2020, but was postponed due to the pandemic. Both Scott and Tessa are very private about their romantic relationship, but from what has been said, they are both very happy.

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