What are the fans saying about the new ‘Fantastic Beasts’ movie?

Welcome back to the world of magic! Fantastic animal. Franchise, An advance of Harry Potter, Announced that his film will be named. Fantastic Animals: The Secrets of Dumbledore.. It will be released on April 15, 2022.

Fans were just excited about the title and release date, knowing they wouldn’t have to wait until November, as originally planned. No teaser trailer has been dropped yet, but fans can’t wait to see when someone will do as they’ve been thrilled and back in the past. The world of Newt Schmidt.

Unanswered beasts 3. Originally scheduled to be released in November 2021, then in July 2022, but due to epidemics, and production delays due to re-casting, it has been delayed by a few months. Due to Charges against Johnny Depp, His character Grindelwald was replaced by Mads Mikkelsen. David Yates is returning as director.

What fans are saying about the new. Unbelievable beasts. the film

Where the last movie was released.

At the end of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindwald, Grindelwald holds a meeting for people to come and follow. Quinn has stopped going, but many people think he’s brainwashed. Letta Listering sacrificed herself so that Newt and his brother could escape and join the Nicholas family in the fight against Grendelwald.

Then, in Hogwarts, Newt gives Albus Dumbledore a bottle of stone from the Dark Wizard, a symbol of the blood agreement between them that prevents them from fighting each other, but Dumbledore thinks he can destroy it. Is. Finally, the last scene shows Grindwald and Credence talking, and he tells Credence his true identity: Orioles Dumbledore.

Will the magician cure the world epidemic?

This person is asking real questions. Although it is not related to the movie at all, it is worth watching. If the magical world is exposed to the COVID-19 epidemic, will they be able to cure it? And will they have protective magic, like the last one? Harry Potter Movie, to save yourself from it? Do magicians also need vaccines and diseases? These are the questions we need to answer.

I’m tired of Newt.

The Twitter user said that he was tired of Newt Schimander and that he was mentioned only once in the original series and he got the whole franchise. “If anyone wants to be a beast with them, it must be Haggard.” This is very true. Haggard deserves more backstory and he will be amazing with the creatures. However, this fan may get what he wants because this movie looks like it will. Pay less attention to Newt and his friends and more to the Dumbledore family. Although nothing has been confirmed yet.

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This is not what I expected.

One Twitter user wrote, “After the last film of Dumbledore’s secrets, people were hung up during Grendelwald’s reign. Fans were expecting to be more immersed in it. But now with this new title, it raises a lot of questions.” It will be interesting to see what happens when the trailer falls, but for now, Warner Bruce has surprised fans.

Catch me not watching this movie

Some Twitter users are not going to watch the movie because they are crazy about the franchise’s creator and writer JK Rowling. In June 2020, Rowling retweeted an article. About people who have menstruation and he basically said ‘there is a word for them’ and imitation of women, which led many people to believe that they can be transphobic. It was a shock to many because he has always called Dumbledore a homosexual and he seems to be a very open person. Although he explained his actions, it did not sit well with the fans and many people want to boycott the film and anything with it.

They have not announced a new cast.

While Warner Bros. And Unbelievable beasts. Pages announced the title and release date, nothing more was shared about the film. The latest film reveals Nicholas Flemile and Nagni when the trailer came out and fans can’t wait to see which new characters will join the cast. Who will be the new characters? Who will play them? We know Grindwald was back, but who else will join Jude Law and Eddie Redman?

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The secrets of which Dumbledore?

Everyone knows Albus Dumbledore from the beginning. Harry Potter Movies, but many people forget that he has siblings. We were introduced to Eber Fourth. Deathly Hallows., But only a glimpse into his life. Along with Albus and Aberforth, there is Ariana and it is now believed that Aurelis, if Grindelwald id is telling the truth. Can we all see the team of siblings and bring down the dark wizard? Will we take a look inside more answers and their family tree? Ariana is also an obscure one, associated with Credence, so maybe she will help control the magic inside her.

Could this secret be between the family or between Albus and Grendel Wald and their relationship? This movie is already looking good.

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Replacing Johnny Depp is tantamount to replacing RDJ.

Many fans are crazy that Johnny Depp will not be in the upcoming film and his ex-wife Amber Heard will be seen in the new film. Aqua Man, Which both run. Warner Bros. There should be five films in total, so if Depp wins his legal battle, can he return for the last two films? Who knows But the fans are not happy about it. It’s like a fan replacing Johnny Depp in this movie. Miracle Robert Downey Jr. replaces Iron Man. It just shouldn’t be done.

Want to see a picture of lunatics as Grindelwald.

However, on the other side of things, some fans are excited that Maddie McClellan is stepping into the role, and they want to see pictures of him looking like Grendel Wald. There is a lot of buzz online to see the actor’s pictures, and the internet seems to be divided on this issue. McCluson is a Danish actor who was originally a gymnast and dancer but has so far been an actor and star in several films. Talked to Mickelson. Leakey Calderon. And he said, “I have to make this character my own and find a different patch.”

I’m so excited … for everything.

“I’m excited about the first teaser … for the first batch of posters … for the first pieces of JNH’s score … for the first cast picture … for the first JKR interview ! ” One fan tweeted and, honestly, we have to agree. The last trailer was so thrilling that it attracted a lot of fans for the film. If you’re a big fan of Harry Potter, these movies thrill you like the real thing, no matter what the content. We are excited to learn more about this movie and see it in theaters!

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