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When he debuted on VH1 in 2011, Mafia wives became the new conversation of reality TV. The show focuses on women associated with the mafia lifestyle on Staten Island, be they current or ex-husbands, fathers or uncles. Although some thought it would be like Real housewives before the premiere, it didn’t look like what you see in the popular Bravo franchise. Whether it was verbal disputes or cat fights, the cast Mafia wives knew how to entertain viewers.

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In late 2015, VH1 announced that the upcoming sixth season would be the last in the series, although show creator Jennifer Graziano (who is also the sister of actor Rene Graziano) stated that tried to get it back and expressed interest in rebooting. In addition, Rene also stated in June 2021 that a potential reboot was in development will air on Paramount + next year. Whether the show is rebooted or a memory, below is a list of what The Wives of the Mafia have been up to since the show closed in March 2016.

6 Karen Gravano continued her journey in reality TV

A few months after the series finale Mafia wivesKaren Gravano and her then-boyfriend Jovan (known for “Storm”) appeared in WEtv’s eighth season Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars… They eventually broke up as it was reported that Gravano dated longtime friend Xavier Williams, who is currently serving a life sentence for consuming 50 grams of cocaine.

Her former mafia father Sammy “The Bull” Gravano was released from prison almost 15 years later in September 2017. In 2020, Gravano, her daughter Karina, and Sammy’s father began appearing on MTV. Mafia families, in which Karen is also an executive producer. The show focuses on those with ties to the Staten Island mafia who escape the mafia world and try to live a normal life. On the show, Gravano was an attempt to help Williams to free himself is shown


5 Carla Facciolo keeps out of the spotlight

While other members ventured into other reality shows or business ventures after the show ended, it looks like Carla Facciolo chose to go into hiding. However, she has released several of her own products such as soap and bath accessories as well as her own Wine Prosecco… Despite her low profile, she keeps in touch with several other filmmakers, most notably Rene Graziano and Karen Gravano.

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Known for her hot temper and frequent physical quarrels, Drita D’Avanzo has become a favorite of the audience. In 2017 she participated in the VH1 show. Scared famous, a show in which reality TV stars past and present compete in horror-themed contests to raise money for charity. Next year she released a single under the name “Slap a B *** h” under the name Lady Boss.

Earlier, following the death of actress Angela “Big Ang” Raiola in 2016, she was featured in JoJo Pellegrino’s song “Big ANGel”, where she paid tribute to Eng in her poems… Just before Christmas 2019, Drita and her husband Lee were arrested and charged with the storage of drugs and firearms. Although Drita’s charges were dropped two months later, Lee pleaded guilty and returned to prison. starting its 64 month term in August 2020. In social networks, she became popular with her voice acting when watching viral videoswhich she calls “#StorytimeWithDrita”.

3 Natalie Gersio opened her own line of cosmetics and began acting in films.

Known for her feuds with fellow actors Rene Graziano and Karen Gravano (with whom she had physical problems), season 4 rookie Natalie Guercio had no problem expressing her opinions and defending herself against accusations and threats from other girls. At the end of 2019, Guercio launched Natalie Eliza Beauty, a line of harmless cosmetics and hair care products. In addition to her own cosmetic line, she also ventured into acting. appearing on the Amazon Prime series Gravesend in 2020.

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2 Rene Graziano went from reality TV star to grandmother and became a bride

A few months after Mafia wives came to an end, Rene Graziano participated in the 18th season Celebrity Big Brother in the United Kingdom, ranking third. Graziano’s struggles with depression and substance abuse became more evident in the third season of the show, in which she was in rehab in Florida. She returned to rehab a second time after the show ended, and after giving birth to her grandson in April 2017, she praised him for overcoming her past problemstelling Lifestyle, she felt “grateful and peaceful.”

She is now a grandmother of two children, as her son A.J. welcomed daughter in November 2020 In October 2021, Graziano announced her engagement longtime boyfriend Roh Dollah, owner of a record company that bears his own name. She now lives between Staten Island and Houston, in her fiancĂ©’s hometown.

one Angela ‘Big Ang’ Raiola unfortunately lost battle with cancer

When she joined Mafia wives in the second season, Angela Raiola (aka “Big Ang”) became a fan favorite, appearing on various talk shows and even appearing in an off-Broadway play. My big fat gay italian wedding… Her popularity earned her two spin-offs on 2012 VH1. Big Ang and 2013’s Miami Monkey, the latter of which focused on opening a new bar in the Miami area.

In the last season of the series, Big Ang’s fight for health was her storyline, as well as her problems with her marriage to husband Neil Murphy. Sad, Big Ang dies of stage 4 lung cancer February 17, 2016. Her death was a tragedy for the reality TV world and viewers. pay tribute to her via social networks.

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