What can we learn from Billie Eilish’s birth chart

In 2016, when Billie Eilish was just 14, she released her mesmerizingly beautiful single Ocean Eyes on SoundCloud, and it didn’t take long for Billie to become a major player in the music industry. Since then, Billy has completely reimagined the crossover genres with her distinctive ballads and raw emotional lyrics, and she’s gotten the credit to prove it. The singer “Therefore I am” took home. over half a dozen Grammyswhile building a loyal fan base. While Billy may seem very open with his deep, honest writing, there are so many layers in Sagittarius. If you’re curious about what space has to say about Billie Eilish, we’ve got everything you need. KristenBellTattoos.com spoke to Astrologer CUSP, Isaiah Alferatz, aka Elysian Aquarius, for the heavenly sensation in Billy’s birth chart.

Big three

Looking at your natal chart, also called a birth chart, is a good way to understand yourself and others on a heavenly level. You can find out your big three or your sun, moon and sunrise signs from astrological apps or your loved one Astrologer Tik Tok. These provisions relate to your outward personality, emotional responses, and your social identity.

Sun in Sagittarius

The most understandable place in your natal chart is your sun sign. This indicates your inner or outer personality, character traits that you can easily recognize. Your sun sign can manifest in your values ​​and in how you feel as your most authentic self. Billy is a Sagittarius sun and these sun signs are passionate, ambitious and adventurous. “No wonder Billy took over the music industry so easily,” Alferatz tells KristenBellTattoos.com.

Alferatz adds that the Segi are generally bold and creative, which you can clearly see in Billy’s music videos. “Raises controversy about how she presents her body with bruises and blood in the” bad guy “or feeds an arachnophobe worst nightmare with her trick v ‘you should see me in the crown, ‘clip. Billy was considered an “anti-pop star”, giving pop music a darker side that we haven’t seen in a long time. “

Pisces Rising

The way we assert ourselves, especially in a social environment, often manifests itself in our ascending or ascending signs. Billy is the Pisces rising, which Alferatz thinks may be the most surprising in Billy’s chart. “This is the rarest ascending sign in your birth chart, which indicates its elusiveness,” explains Alferatz. Pisces is all about the spiritual and the metaphysical – they have earned a reputation as dreamers and are always in the clouds. You can see this elusive and supernatural aesthetic featured on Billy’s dark album covers.

“Ascension in Pisces is known to have undeniable magnetism and wisdom that surpasses all expectations, as is clear from Billy’s actions and music,” says Alferatz. “Bringing art to life, the Pisces energy is creative and poetic, and Billy continues to develop his creativity with the help of his brother Finneas to give the world an immersive, immobilizing music that makes the listener want more.”

Moon in Aquarius

The location of our moon represents our inner being and symbolizes how we process and communicate our emotions along with the emotions of others. It is a super-private planet, so unless you have strong bonds with someone, it can be difficult at first to determine what someone’s moon sign is. Billy’s moon sign is in the unconventional sign of Aquarius. As a moon sign, it can be a very deep and difficult place, as Aquarians are thrown out as unusual, which makes them feel quite alienated from other people. From clothes to music, Billy is a rebel, one of the most striking traits of Aquarius. The fact that she was painted like an anti-pop star is a reflection of her moon in Aquarius.

You can also see Billy’s moon in the sign of Aquarius in her very deep, realistic and existential lyrics. “Billy’s lyrics are older than her and address mental health topics such as depression and anxiety. The most important aspect of her Lunar Aquarius is the feeling of loneliness, ”explains Alferatz. Her ability to write honestly on complex and subtle topics shows how forward-thinking she is in directing attention to real-life mental health problems.

“Billy’s moon is also associated with Neptune, giving the star an intuitive perspective and the ability to see through the facade of positivity that most pop stars try to emulate. It’s not that Billy actively promotes such topics, just admitting that they are real, “adds Alferatz.

Personal planets

Besides your big three, your birth chart contains other planets, each representing a different area of ​​life. These include your Mercury, Mars, and Venus and relate to your communication style, personal aesthetics, and level of ambition.

Mercury in Capricorn

In astrology, Mercury is communication and intelligence. Billy’s Mercury sign is located in the practical earth sign, Capricorn, and you can see this in her songwriting. “This placement of Mercury is practical and easy to handle the harsh aspects of life that Billy easily portrays in his music,” says Alferatz. Capricorn is ruled by the serious and disciplined planet Saturn, which may explain why its lyrics tend to be rather dark. “Her location on Mercury helps us understand the astrology of her voice and sound. As someone praised with dark lower register and soft falsetto, her voice has an almost classic soul quality that hums to her unique piece, ”they add.

Mars in Pisces

Mars represents aggression, determination and passion. Mars Billy revolves around the sensitive and deeply intuitive sign of Pisces. These places can be eerie and magical as they are ruled by the dreamy Neptune. Since this placement can manifest itself in our external aggression and in the way we express our passion, according to Alferatz, we can learn a lot about Billy’s presentation and aesthetics by placing it on Mars.

“Billy’s Mars sign represents her drive, and in this position, he demonstrates her commitment to her music and the projects she creates for the world,” says Alferatz. “Think of Billy’s imagery in her video, where she uses edgy aesthetics like the needles in ‘Bury a Friend’ or the black blood pouring from her eyes.”

Venus in Sagittarius

When it comes to fashion choices and external aesthetics, Venus is a planet to look out for. This place also represents our relationship, love and romance. Billy – Sagittarius, Venus, and also her sun sign. As a sign of Venus, Sagittarius are very adventurous, straightforward, and not afraid to take on a challenge. “Since Venus personifies what we attract, it is her aesthetics and approach that attracts the most attention and criticism from the outside world. Billy seems to admit it and accepts it calmly, noticeably pushing the boundaries of what her image should be. Alferatz explains. It makes sense when you consider the lyrics of the songs “Not My Responsibility” and “OverHeated” from her album Happier Than Ever. Billy has always been direct and open about the pressure on women and their bodies, and a real Sagittarius is energized enough to speak about it.

“No one can contain the fiery Venus, and Billy is consistently amazed with her fashion and clothing, whether it’s Marilyn-themed dresses at the 2021 Met Gala or bright neon outfits like her. Louis Vuitton at the Spotify Best New Artist Awards, – Alferatz explains.

The “Happier Than Ever” singer is honest and sincere and is not afraid to explore the deep, frightening trenches of human existence. Considering Billy’s birth chart is ablaze with flames, it should come as no surprise that it has grabbed the attention of the public for so long. Her sincere story and strong-willed ambition will make us root for her.