What could be Quentin Tarantino’s last film?

Director’s last film. Quentin Tarantino., ” This is what the famous filmmaker said that the audience will read before the initial credit of their last journey. Tarantino One of the most successful directors in Hollywood. Breaking the barriers of traditional filmmaking with non-linear storytelling and taboo subjects, Quentin Making it a habit for those going out of Hollywood and introducing a new kind of film to the general audience.

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For many years, Tarantino Has been responsible for some of the biggest movies of all time. Like with a hit. Pool dogs, Pulp Fiction And more recently, Once upon a time in Hollywood. Below his belt, Tarantino is on a fast track to becoming a legendary director. But how much is enough? Of Kill the bill The director has said that he does not want to live beyond his reception and his tenth film will be his last.

Reservoir dog reboot.

With recent bombs, e.g. Ghost Busters (2016) And Robocop (2014) It’s hard for any director to get ready and try another reboot of a favorite classic. However, when the idea of ​​a reboot is suggested by the original director, the spirits light up a bit. Never shying away from any challenge, Tarantino has expressed interest in his latest film, possibly a reboot of his breakout film, Pool dogs In a quote from Square, Tarantino “I’ve really considered making a remake of it. Pool dogs As my last film.

A Star Trek movie.

Whether Quentin Tarantino. Dare to “brazenly go where no one has been before,” seems to be what his fans want to ask. Long rumor Tarantino Star Trek the film A possible option for the director’s last walk. With an R rating, the elements of time travel and who knows what other eccentricities are, the idea of ​​the man who guided. Death certificate A tribute to his beloved, the charming style can put on a beloved 60’s classic. It’s probably a match made in heaven.

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Total Bill: Soon. 3.

Wants to see the world again Black Mamba, Beatrix Kadu, of the deadly viper killer squad Quentin may have another story to tell. Kill the bill Sequel. While The Rogan experience.Quentin expressed interest in following in the footsteps of Beatrice and her daughter (who is now fully grown). imagine. Oma Thurman Real life daughter, Maya Hawk Is playing Baby ” and now Bride And the baby is running and the idea of ​​just casting Emma and putting her daughter Maya in it will be interesting. Rogan Folding your director’s chair after wrapping up the third during the podcast. Kill the bill That would be a great surprise for a one-story career.

A horror movie.

Of all the genres Tarantino has paid tribute to, the horror genre has yet to be touched by the whimsical director. Although some may argue. Death certificate Falling firmly into the horror genre, Grindhouse Slaser is no real horror. with. Of Quentin. Love and commitment to classic filmmaking from the 60s / 70s, the director said. Hollywood A charming farewell to a terrifying horror is an idea he had for years. However, this idea will only see the light of day if they dream of the right story. According to Indiewire.com, “If I come up with the right horror movie story, I’ll do it as my tenth film,” Tarantino continued. “I love horror movies. I’d love to do a horror movie.” ۔ ”

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The Vega Brothers.

Vic And Vincent Vega. The charismatic but tragic duo of sibling criminals made a huge impact on the world of cinema in the mid-90s with their respective films. While the rumor. Michael Madison. And John Travolta. The repetition of their roles has been revolving around Hollywood for years.There is still daylight to be seen. But Tarantino did not rule out the possibility of reconsidering the idea. With an unusual and extreme Tarantino plot, the story will see the twin brothers of both Vic and Vincent after the death of their siblings. In an interview with Hollywood Reporter Madison. “It was very complicated, but when? Quentin The stars argue with an idea, it’s very easy to walk with it. ”

Pulp Fiction 2.

Pulp Fiction 2. The idea of ​​revising the world. Mia Wallace, baby. And Winston Wolf. Have fun. Perhaps to seize the man who knew it was a journey that would make him walk on the earth and see what is with God. Jules Onefield. Anyone who dreams of a Tarantino out of this crazy, wall plot will surely experience the magic of success. According to Giantfreakingrobot.com, Tarantino said., “The only thing I knew was the foundation. It was in Amsterdam, during the time Vincent was in Amsterdam.”

Although this idea doesn’t seem possible, Tarantino has yet to make a real sequel and his last film is coming to the horizon, what better way than to end his legacy with this film that made the director a superstar.

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Who knew  Quentin Tarantino was cast as Elvis in the Golden Girls.
Who knew Quentin Tarantino was an Elvis copycat on The Golden Girls

Not only is Tarantino a fan of the show, but he is also “indebted to his career” for the Golden Girls.

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