What did Jared Kishner and Ivanka Trump do in 2021?

After losing the presidency of Donald Trump., Ivanka Trump and Jared Kishner were trapped in obscurity during 2021. Having a low profile, he has not had the same relationship with the public in the past, preferring to stay away from himself and the cameras. But to former senior advisers. Donald TrumpIn silence, he is still very active in his life – he is not posting much about himself on his social media pages.

From buying real estate in Florida Covid-19 vaccine To delete sensitive tweets, both Jared and Ivanka have been busy during these bizarre epidemic months of 2021.

Ivanka Trump helped farmers continue the family food box program.

Just before Donald Trump stepped down in early 2021, Ivanka persuaded the White House to redesign the program after it expired a few months ago. The Farmer to Families Food Box program bought food from farmers and then gave it as a gift to needy families. Ivanka helped ensure that farmers would provide خاندان 1.5 billion in funding to families before the end of May.

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Ivanka and Jared bought a mansion in Florida.

It seems that the couple’s philanthropy can only go so far. Earlier this year, Jared and Ivanka raised more than 24 24 million to buy a mansion with water views in Indian Creek, a popular neighborhood in South Florida. With New York in its original home, it could be a step towards a full-time sunny southern state.

He also bought a vacant lot in Florida.

As if a mansion wasn’t enough, the rich couple even bought a vacant lot for 32 million! It looks like they are planning to sell the original mansion for a profit and then build their dream home on this new space, but the jury is still there.

Jared founded the Abraham Accord Institute for Peace.

The program, which hopes to boost trade and tourism between Middle Eastern countries such as Morocco, Sudan, Israel and Bahrain, has been widely welcomed. It was a historic step in the right direction for the promotion of Israeli-Arab peace.

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Ivanka received her second COVID-19 vaccine.

In a public Instagram post in May, he said: “Getting the full vaccine is the best way to end this epidemic and save yourself and each other.” Ivanka has taken a pro-vaccine stance on the issue that divides many Americans. Perhaps his choice to be vaccinated will affect the opinion of others on the job itself.

Jared Kishner received more than مل 1 million for his memoir.

Jared’s memoir, which will give readers an insight into Trump’s presidency, the Trump family and Jared’s time in the Middle East, will be published in early 2022. With a reputation like this, it’s no surprise that publishers were looking for opportunities to take advantage of it.

Ivanka deleted a tweet about the capital riots.

In a tweet that was later deleted, Ivanka Trump called the perpetrators of the capital uprising “American patriots.” While this was not the worst thing she could say about the commotion, the biggest problem was hiding her tracks. By deleting this tweet instead of replying to it publicly, it shows that she is trying to hide her true feelings about the current political climate in the United States.

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Ivanka and Jared seem to be slowly parting ways with Donald Trump.

Jared and Ivanka are away. From the former president himself. He has not been in public with her for a long time, suggesting that he no longer wants to be publicly associated with her. As Donald Trump is inactive on social media.It is difficult to determine whether the couple is really spending less time with the former president, but one would think that if they did, they would post more about it.

He did not celebrate Father’s Day with Donald Trump.

Ivanka and Jared didn’t travel to Mar-a-Lago for Father’s Day this summer. Instead, the couple moved to South Carolina without Donald Trump, nor did they post anything about it on social media. Ivanka used to pay annual tribute to her father, but this year she did not.

Ivanka and Jared now live in a $ 47,000 Florida condo a month.

Apparently waiting for their new home to move, they are resting in a luxurious condo that costs about پچ 50,000 a month. For most Americans, it’s hard to imagine two people living in an apartment worth it. Only under annual median. 2021 salaries in the United States

It can be weird when celebrities distance themselves from social media. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it can be amazing what is happening. Ivanka Trump and Jared Kishner seem to be trying to move beyond the grip of Donald Trump’s presidency and live their lives peacefully. With three young children, it can be assumed that the couple only wants to focus on the family and not bother themselves with public expectations.

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How Ivanka Trump and Jared Kishner became billionaires

Kishners is still amassing wealth, taking home تک 135 million from his real estate, stocks and bonds and Ivanka’s book last year.

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