What do fans think of Olivia Jade dancing with the stars?

Olivia Jade. Joined the cast of Season 30. Dancing with the stars, Which led to a strong reaction on social media. As the subject of a 2019 college admissions scandal, Jade received a large amount of online hatred and criticism for her college admissions at USC.

Jade’s parents paid Jade for admission to the USC, which angered many, due to the fact that college admission could be very difficult and someone more deserving could find his place and Should have He even said in his YouTube videos that he doesn’t care about school. Only the parties cared..

In an effort to start a new chapter in her life and show the world who she really is, Jade joined. Dancing with the stars. Paired with it. Val Chamorkovsky And both seem to be doing very well based on their social media posts. However, fans have different opinions about Jade being on the show.

Some fans do not like to dance with the wall.

Jade was paired with one of the show’s most popular male professional dancers, which makes her a better shot to stay on the show longer, as Chemerkowski’s fans will still vote for her, even if she Why not just be a fan of it. Some fans believe that this was done for the purpose of contesting as much as possible, rather than voting first.

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He is better known for a scandal than his career.

In the first episode of the season, Jade said in her on-screen interview: She is known for being an inspiration. When the viewers of the show strongly disagree and believe that they are most famous for the college admission scandal in which she was involved. His YouTube channel was very popular. Before all the drama and it had a lot of followers on social media.

Some fans have jokes.

Some fans of the show just make fun of her being a college athlete, which she forged to enter USC. She claimed to be on the rowing team, which she was not. Although he is not really an athlete, he certainly has some skills when it comes to dance. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, but it has received some positive reviews from the judges.


Olivia Jade cleans the slate as soon as she returns to YouTube.

Some think she can cheat to win.

Fans of the show are joking about how Jade’s parents could cheat the voting system on Dancing with Stars to win, as they cheated the college admissions system into USC. Looks like Jade wants to start a new chapter in her life with the show and move on from the scandal of which she was a part, so hopefully that won’t happen.

Some think they are privileged because of their race.

Many fans of Dancing with the Stars believe that Jade was unfairly included in the show because she is a privileged white girl who is being “paid” for her crimes instead of suffering the consequences. Others are even calling it bad. It’s no secret that celebrities who dance with the stars make a lot of money to be on the show, so it’s easy to see why some fans are a little upset.

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Some believe his mother took him to the show.

A lot of fans are trying to figure out why he was cast on the show, and one man’s explanation was that his mother paid for it. We may not know the exact reason why it was cast, but Dancing with Stars is known for casting controversial people who are trying to correct their image. Some examples of controversial minerals include Carol Baskin, Sean Spicer, Tom Daley, and Paula Dean. It will be interesting to see if Jade’s parents appear in the audience during the season. Her sister was at the premiere..

Some think she is taking advantage of her scandal.

It’s easy to see why some of the show’s fans would believe Jade. “Caching in” on the reputation he got from the college admission scandal. In order to get more money and attention that many people do not believe he deserves. Many people wonder why it was included in the series when there are so many other celebrities to choose from who are not involved in any crimes or scandals.

Fans think Iman is a better dancer.

On the first night of the competition, Jade received high praise from the judges as well as a score higher than her opponent Amon Schumpert. Fans thought Schumpert had a better routine, danced better than Jade, and was unfairly criticized. A lot of people on Twitter didn’t think Jade was so good and her scores weren’t fair. Her dance partner, Chimerkovsky, posted on Instagram that she was A. Hardworking and that it has talent., So he doesn’t seem to agree.

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The 20 secrets of dancing with the stars don’t want you to know.

Although the purpose of the reality show is to reveal the truth, there is a lot behind the scenes that the audience does not know about.

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