What do the British want from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle after the Queen’s death?

Most Britons seem to support Prince Harry and Meghan’s decision to retire from royal life – they just want them to stop talking about it.

Speaking to locals last week, news.com.au found that many understand why the couple wanted to have a more private life given the experience Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, had in the public eye, and they accepted it without issue.

But they don’t agree that the couple continues to speak publicly – and negatively – about the royal family.

“If they want to live in America and have a great life, that’s absolutely fine, but just keep quiet about what they think,” said 82-year-old Patricia Manchester.

“We all had problems in the family, but we do not share them with everyone. I hope they are very happy in the States, but leave it as it is.”

Elaine, 69, also from Manchester, said: “I’m so surprised that he wanted to go away and live in seclusion and then not live in seclusion.”

Tracey, 52, and Kevin, 49, from North Hampton, said they had a garden party to celebrate Meghan and Harry’s wedding, but thought the way they talked about family had been ‘terrible’ ever since, especially in their famous interview with Oprah.

“When they said they wanted to leave, it wasn’t a problem, but you can’t have both,” Tracey said.

Kevin added: “You can’t say that you’re going to step away from royal duties, from publicity, and then photographers will follow you all the time you choose. You don’t want publicity, or you do.”

Harry and Meghan left royal life in March 2020 and gave an explosive interview to American media personality Oprah Winfrey the following year.

In a global TV interview, Harry said his father stopped answering his calls, and Meghan said that when she was pregnant with Archie, there was a discussion in the royal family about “how dark his skin could be when he was born.”

She also said that Catherine, the new Princess of Wales, made her cry over flower girl dresses days before her wedding, and that while working for the royal family, she tragically reached the point where she “didn’t want to live anymore.” and was refused help from the royal family.

Fast forward to 2022, less than two weeks before the death of the Queen, Meghan was interviewed by a New York magazine. slice where she talked about leaving The Firm and suggested that Harry had “lost” his father.

The couple were in the UK on a charity tour when the Queen died.

The couple were reported to have declined an invitation to join Charles at his home on the Scottish estate of Birkhall and did not want to meet William and Kate, but they have been side by side with the family since the Queen’s death.

The last time the brothers and their wives undertook something similar to the surprise walk they took in Windsor on Saturday was during the Sussexes’ last turn as working royals in March 2020.

Tom, who has been a taxi driver in London for 37 years, and his wife Rita told news.com.au that they support Harry and Meghan’s decision to live in the US, but they don’t like that they “have become more (like) celebrities.” “.

Tom said he used to defend the couple and even argue with his family, but he couldn’t anymore.

“I think basically what they said about the royal family was probably done to raise money and get attention in America because not all Americans like the royal family. They don’t need it, it’s not their royal family,” he said.

“I think it’s about money and it should be in the public eye, which I think Meghan should be doing. Now they’re not my type because pretty much everything they said about the royal family.”

Hannah, 47, also from London, said she hoped William and Harry could talk and clear things up, but Meghan and Harry needed to “stop doing media interviews in America.”

“It’s better to speak up at home rather than on TV because everyone thinks she’s making money, whether she has it or not,” Hannah said.

Not everyone has a problem with what Harry and Meghan say.

Max, 30, from Colchester, said that while he didn’t particularly enjoy the interviews the couple had done so far, he respected their right to their opinions and the opportunity to make money.

“If they don’t get paid royal money, they need to make a living on their own,” he said.

Chenel, 22, from Preston, said: “I think they talk about their feelings and there’s nothing wrong with that.”

This year, Prince Harry was due to publish a memoir about “the experiences, adventures, losses and life lessons that helped shape him.”

The upcoming Netflix documentary will also reportedly provide a rare glimpse into their lives in California.

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