What exactly happened between Julia Roberts and her husband’s ex-wife Vera Stamberg?

It was one of the most infamous and most common breakups of the decade, and certainly one of the b * tchiest. In 2000, Hollywood actress. Julia Roberts.The 53-year-old was shooting the film. Mexican together Brad Pitt. At the time, she was meeting fellow actor Benjamin Brett, but that did not stop Julia’s eyes from wandering towards the film’s cameraman. Danny Moder.. He was not even a free agent. She was married to a make-up artist. Vera Stamberg. Since 1997, however, Danny has not been able to help himself when he meets Julia.

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So what happened between Julia and her husband’s first wife Vera? And what is the story behind Julia’s infamous street fashion moment, when she wore her infamous ‘A Lou Vera’ T-shirt?

How did the double breakup happen?

The story is that Julia fell in love with Danny on the set. They started seeing each other almost immediately, and six months later Danny filed for divorce from his wife, Vera, when he started calling Julia every day.

However, the Oscar winners deny the reason for their divorce. In an interview with Opera., Roberts claimed that Danny “separated, separated and separated everything from me. Stay with each other and together.”

When asked directly if their marriage would break up, he said: “No, I’m just a simple person. I raised my finger. He did it.” And I saw. The point. It doesn’t happen. ”

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Vera refuses to give it to Danny.

Although it wasn’t long before Danny moved out of the family home and was seeking a divorce from his wife, Julia, the former Mrs. Moder was reluctant to give up her marriage. In fact, Vera refused to divorce Danny. This left Julia and Danny in a very difficult situation and only caused anger and resentment from Julia.

T-shirt gate.

In 2002, several months after his romance with Julia began, Danny had not yet been able to get a divorce from Vera. Expressing her frustration with fashion, Julia wore a homemade T-shirt on the streets of West Hollywood that read “A Lou Vera” – which is not very appropriate for her boyfriend’s wife. Is. Julia’s intention was to pus and convey her message to Vera: let my man go!

Julia forced Vera to sign for divorce.

According to New idea, Julia is thought of. Forced After being under intense pressure from Roberts for more than a year to sign the divorce papers, Danny’s estranged wife finally gave up. Vera is told that: ‘Julia is anxious to get Danny down the aisle, and she’s got her wish. I never wanted to lose it, but I just gave up.. ‘

Roberts paid the make-up artist 200,000 to give to her husband. In any case, Julia clearly found her way, and she and Danny finally tied the knot in July 2002 in a small ceremony in Taus, New Mexico.

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Julia feels sorry for the way she acted.

Julia admits that before she met her husband, Danny, she had more to do than grow up. Which means it’s about to be the most delusional time of the year, as well.

Interviewed by Harper’s Bazaar Magazine.“I had my preference,” Roberts said, “at the time,” running a selfish little film. Everything changed when he “found his man” in Danny. “When I think about what makes my life my life, and understands and just shines inside me, that’s it. For me, everything comes from it.”

Roberts and Moder are now happily married.

Fortunately, it seems that all the drama and media attention was worthy of this couple, who are still happily married almost twenty years after their marriage. In fact, they have the longest lasting and happiest marriages in Hollywood.

After a series of unpleasant romances, Roberts claims that meeting Moder ended his misfortune. Talking to Gwyneth Paltrow in 2018, pretty lady The actress said that meeting her husband was a kind of “earthquake change”. “Marrying Danny,” she said, “was the first time, like my life would never be the same in an incredible, indescribable way.” ”

Although rumors of a marriage will continue to circulate, the couple appear to be on good terms, and the two have been successful in their careers since the big news of a double breakup in 2001. ۔ Husband on his Instagram page

The couple bears three children together, twins Phoenix and Hazel, born 2004, and Henry, born 2007.

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