What happened to BZBox after Shark Tank?

When Maimundar introduced the Biz Box to the sharks, she showed them a folding cardboard box with Velcro straps. O’Leary and Grainer both agreed that the box was too expensive to produce as it is, especially due to the expensive Velcro.

However, Greiner saw that Biz Box had potential. She invested in the company for the purpose of customizing the design. Since Shark Tank, Biz Box has done just that. It ditched Velcro and became a streamlined, branded cardboard box aimed at real estate agents. Today, Biz Box offers a variety of folding cartons that can be customized for business promotion. Biz Box also offers durable plastic direct-to-consumer storage containers available at Amazon.

At the time of Majmundar’s Shark Tank, she was a college sophomore and was looking for a partner with a more experienced shark to help turn her innovation into a business. During her presentation, she repeatedly insisted that she was open to suggestions and improvements. She seems to have taken Greiner’s advice and turned her idea into a successful company.

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