What happened to dating app Cat Person Tabby after Shark Tank?

In July 2021, Tabby and its subsidiary Dig teamed up with RealMe, an online platform that kept dating app users safe by allowing users to access background information about potential partners (via Cizion). Despite this, the app continued to run into problems and Tabby mostly received unfavorable reviews from users, many of whom claimed that the app contained many bugs. It is not clear if the Kevin O’Leary deal went through.

While the app is available on Google Play, it is no longer available on the App Store. Likewise, the company’s website is no longer operational. tabby Instagram account hasn’t been posted since February 14, 2022, and Instagram Dig hasn’t been updated since August 2022. final post on instagram Dig wrote: β€œThe last 6 years have been a roller coaster and we can’t thank each and every one of you for believing in our dream. With great sadness and tears, we will close our business. On the positive side, it was a joy and we are very happy for the many couples that matched on Diga and Tabby. May they have a long love relationship with each other and their beloved animals!”

While there is no specific explanation as to why this decision was made, it appears that the company has experienced the last of its nine lives. Notably, Tabby is not the first dating app to appear on the ABC series. In fact, the Hater app also experienced difficulties after Shark Tank.

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