What happened to Erin Sanders, AKA Queen, Joey 101?

Like Jamie Lane Spears, Erin Sanders got a big break on Nickelodeon’s Zoe 101. Disliked Jamie Lane, Erin has avoided large-scale controversy and intense speculation throughout her career. She certainly doesn’t have the same level of publicity as her former co-star.

But that doesn’t mean Sanders didn’t succeed. So what has Erin Sanders – AKA Quinn Pensky – been doing since 2008?

Erin Sanders is still starring in Hollywood.

To the delight of the fans, Erin Sanders. The acting did not stop Following Zoe 101 Although it was quiet to leave the series after the series ended due to Jamie Lane’s play, Erin had no trouble running a later life. And hey, at least she wasn’t. Dismissed by Britney Spears.

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Shortly after Zoe 101, Erin turned to The Young and the Restless for a recurring role. This was followed by various short-lived TV shows such as CSI: Miami and Mad Men.

In fact, a year after finishing her Zoe 101, Erin joined another twin-set work: ‘Big Time Rush.’ He spent a few years before appearing in some other TV shows and mini-series and enjoyed roles in some big projects.

Sanders even appeared with Jamie Lane Spears in the short of 2020. But does that mean both are on good terms?

Is Erin Sanders still a friend of Jamie Lane Spears?

Although many have turned to Jamie Lane Spears since Britney’s conservative play, the former Nick Starlet still has many fans and supporters. And Erin Sanders seems to be one of them.

When it comes to Instagram, she can’t post as long as some other celebrities, but Erin. What Join Zoe 101 for reunion and virtual chat with Jamie Lane. Both actresses seem to be on great terms, and there is no doubt that Erin is still in the corner of her former co-star personally, if not professionally.

What else is Erin Sanders doing now?

Judging from her Instagram, Erin Sanders is busy with her acting plans. But he is also into yoga. With plenty of ‘Zoe 101’ reminiscences, Sanders peppered his Instagram with live sessions and snapshots of his yoga practice.

The 30-year-old now looks happy in her career and personal life, even if she doesn’t post daily on Instagram to be proud of them all. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation.

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