What happened to Jena Fruma after her breakup with Jason Derulo?

Whether you’re a Swall-la-la or Tiktok fan, you were probably a little disappointed and surprised to learn that Jena Frum and Jason Derulo broke up just four months after welcoming the boy into the world. The duo entered our hearts during quarantine and turned out to be not only a perfect couple, but also a perfect couple. The couple weren’t just stunningly attractive, they seemed hilarious and especially fun together.

Their relationship appeared regularly on both public figures’ social media accounts, and their connection was undeniable. However, they still parted. Derulo remains active on Tiktok and clearly spends most of his time with his beloved dog Ice. A pet that was briefly famous for its beauty. But fans remain at a loss as to what exactly Jena Frum is planning after the split?


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Who was Jena Frum before Jason Derulo?

Jena Froumes was pretty successful long before meeting Jason Derulo. His superstar certainly helped fuel her fame, but she had a lot of Instagram followers and thrived through modeling and social media. Frooms and Derulo have both gained notoriety on Tiktok, which makes sense given her social media background and his musical background.

Interesting, Jason Derulo was not the first celebrity Jena Frums dated… She dated Manchester United footballer Jesse Lingard. Jena currently has 4.6 million Instagram followers. Frooms clearly loves marketing as all of her social media accounts are wildly successful. Frooms is fun, stunningly beautiful, and smart about the content she posts. Her match with Derulo wasn’t just a love affair (before it ended), it was perfectly compatible in terms of marketing.

The Truth About Jason Derulo’s Breakup From Jena Frums

The split was shocking not only because of their child. If you followed any of them on social media, especially Fruma, you probably assumed everything was fine as the couple looked blissfully in love. Frooms posted photos of the couple, noting how much the couple is in love and how long they will love each other. Derulo’s Instagram remained checkered and full of Frumes until he announced their breakup.

Derulo controlled the story of their breakup, stating that they needed to break up in order to become a better version of themselves. His description of the breakup suggested that he was mutual and totally friendly. The couple still seem to be friendly and living with each other since they have a child, but recent fan speculation suggests their breakup was something bigger. Many claimed that Derulo was cheating on Frumsu several times during their relationship, and this infidelity contributed to their split. Frooms has entered into negotiations with some content creators, citing evidence that Derulo is following a twofold habit.

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How Jena Frooms is raising her child with Jason Derulo

It was difficult to determine exactly what happened during the split and how Frums felt. Between conflicting accounts of the reasons for their breakup, unverified allegations of fraud, and mysterious tiktoks made by Froumes herself, the end of their relationship and the former couple’s opinions of each other remain hazy. Apparently, the couple tried to maintain a friendship and are still living with each other with their newborn son Jason King.

It is understood that the couple spent at least part of Christmas together. Jena, Jason King, and Led were all dressed in the same holiday pajamas, while Derulo struggled to buy presents for his son. Overall, Derulo and Frooms seem to be very common in each other’s lives, and mostly in Jason King’s.

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Frooms maintained her social media presence and graced her Instagram network with adorable photos of her and Jason King, often in identical outfits. Jena has also added maternity content to her TikTok and Instagram accounts. She jokingly complains that her son’s first word was “dada” and not “mother.” Highlighting the close relationship between her and Derulo after the breakup, the exes reunited to pick up Halloween costumes with their son. All three of the family dressed in Superman outfits and together took cute family photos and videos showing that Derulo and Frooms are not only willing to share custody, but they can put their differences aside and still have fun with the whole family.

The truth about Jena Froumes’ career today

Frooms is still modeling and, as mentioned above, her social media accounts are thriving, likely generating a lot of income and success. Her relationship with Derulo was widely reported and many fans felt connected to the couple, but they haven’t been together for as long as the couple only became exclusive in 2020. Froumes had a very successful career long before meeting Derulo.

In addition, Jason Derulo himself is reported to be making more money from his TikTok account than from his music career, suggesting that Frum is also making a significant amount on his TikTok account as well as on his Instagram. Frum is also very business savvy. Known for her healthy lifestyle, she launched her own Intensity fitness apparel collection for Bo + Tee. She models for the brand, and her line features eye-catching leggings, tops, sports bras, shorts and socks in earthy tones. Frumes also has their own website, All Things Jena, which has everything from clothing to kitchen utensils. Overall, Frumes is still thriving despite its recent breakup.

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