What happened to Reviver after Shark Tank?

Since its inception in Shark Tank, Reviver has gone through a solid, if somewhat convoluted, path to success that has allowed creators Ben and Eric Kusin to not only grow the business but also be able to do other things. While Reviver is not currently available on Amazon, it can be found on the company’s website in a variety of human and pet flavors. Since appearing on the show, the company has earned $5 million in annual revenue (via SEOAves). Other than that, there were very few updates from them, with their facebook as well as Instagram accounts are almost (if at all) publishing. However tweet made in May 2022 claim to have a “new launch” soon.

In particular, some of the activities the siblings did outside of Reviver reached varying levels of achievement. With their newfound success, the duo decided to open a chain of seafood restaurants called Malibu Poke. Since 2017, as noted DMagazine, the restaurant service is focused on providing a fast yet fresh poke creation system using cutting-edge technology. Less successful, however, will be their home renovation company TreeHouse, which they took control of in 2017. Dallas Business Magazine).

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