What happened to Sadie Robertson Huff from Duck Dynasty?

Back in 2012 ‘Duck dynasty ‘ debuted on A&E… Since its inception, the reality show has become a monstrous hit, so much so that its season 4 debut episode broke the record for a cable documentary series, reaching 11.8 million viewers. This was just the beginning as merchandise revenues also skyrocketed to $ 400 million.

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After 11 seasons and 131 episodes, the show finally came to an end in 2017. Was it too scandalous for the web? Will there ever be a reboot? These are the questions fans are asking.


Additionally, fans are wondering which of the characters are currently busy, including one of the most popular of them, Sadie Robertson.

Throughout the article, we’ll take a closer look at what her life is currently, away from the show’s spotlight.

Sadie Robertson Succeeds Outside The Duck Dynasty With Dancing With The Stars

Duck dynasty‘turned out to be a hit for A&E and with his success, the rest of the cast came to prominence, including Sadie Robertson.

The 24-year-old has an impressive resume and is entering season 19 ‘Dancing with the Stars‘. Not only was she on the show, she nearly won every competition, becoming the first runner-up.

Along with reality TV, Sadie also got some work in the world of acting, playing roles in ‘God is not dead 2‘, together with ‘I’m not ashamed‘.

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Though ‘Dancing with the Stars’ performance led to her popularity, she confessed along with ET that it also put pressure on her body image. Something that she had to work hard to overcome.

“When my body started to look a little different, there was a struggle,” she continues.

“There were people in my life who had a really negative impact, who said things that didn’t inspire me about how I looked and how I needed to maintain the body I had. It felt so wrong. I felt insecure at the time, so I believed them and thought, “Oh, I need to push him.”

This is all a problem in the past these days as it focuses most on motherhood.

Sadie Robertson’s top priority these days is being a mom and expanding her family.

In recent years, Sadie’s biggest goal has been her love life: she got engaged to Christian Huff in 2019, but they got married later this year. The good times continued this year as the couple had their first daughter, Honey James Huff, in mid-May.

As well as Popular culture, Sadie said she was delighted now. In addition, the couple has not yet finished having children.

“One day we will say that there are four children, one day we will say that there are three.”

“I’m like, ‘Stay this little one forever! “I just love it. To be honest, she just started keeping her bottle alone and I was so proud. It’s just the little milestones and everyday things that make me so proud and just so excited to be her mom, ”Robertson told Honey.

“She smiled a lot and she just started laughing, which is the best moment. I look forward to it every time I’m with her, just to see her smile or try to make her laugh. Fun season right now.”

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Robertson would also say that she is completely open to adoption given how beautiful the family dynamic can be as a blended family.

In addition to motherhood, Robertson is engaged in several other projects.

Sadie Robertson also has her own book club and podcast.

What else can we add to Sadie’s already impressive resume? Well, in 2014 she became The newspaper “New York Times bestselling author of his book, based on faith and Christian values, titled “Living original ”.

The success of her book will lead to ‘Living original‘community, which is a book club application. Fans can try the app for free with a 7-day trial period.

Sadie also has her own podcast. “It’s Good Podcast‘who has over 262k followers on IG. The show is 18 minutes long per podcast and is regular on Wednesdays.

And of course, the main place to find Sadie is on Instagram, with over 4.6 million subscribers. There are currently no ‘Duck dynasty’ talk and instead she is completely focused on her family life and also spreads as much positive as possible.

If ‘Duck dynasty‘should have ever been rebooted, no doubt fans hoped that Sadie would return to the show.

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