What happened to Seventy2 After Shark Tank?

First, a little background on The Seventy2.

Schauf and Escamilla launched their Uncharted Supply Co. in 2016. The company has had a successful Indiegogo Campaigngrossing over $490,000 by December of that year.

In February 2018, four months after Shark Tank was launched, Uncharted Supply Co. announced a partnership with media investment company The Chernin Group. The plan was to “increase direct sales to the consumer” as well as expand the company’s product range (through business wire).

Since then Uncharted Supply Co. did exactly that. In addition to The Seventy2, the company also offers: The First Aid Plus first aid kit; the Zeus charger, which charges everything from smartphones to car batteries; and the Rapid Raft, a rapidly inflating life raft that can hold up to 400 pounds (via Uncharted Supply Co.). In September 2021, Uncharted Supply Co. has teamed up with Global Outdoor Emergency Support, an app that helps users find emergency health care providers and provides first aid tips and advice (via External business magazine).

Uncharted Supply Co. and its flagship product The Seventy2 continue to thrive in 2022, making it a definite “Shark Tank” success story.

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