What happened to Terra Banks’ baby Daddy, Eric Isla?

Tyra Bank has always been private about its romantic and family life. Of The controversial founder of America’s next top model. She may not be afraid to share her bold personality with her fans – whether it’s on Instagram or when she’s hosting a dance with the stars – but she does share details about her dating life. Are very careful Her 5-year-old son, York.

Fans also forget that he received his son by surrogacy with his then-Norwegian photographer Eric Isla. Is known to happen. Female boss with a net worth of 90 90 million., Many followers of the banks thought that she did not need a man in her life.

But the truth is, she’s just looking for someone to spend the rest of her life with. There is nothing wrong with that. So the fans were also surprised when they found out that she broke up with her child’s father in 2017. Here is the complete timeline of the 4 year relationship between the banks and Isla.

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How did they first meet?

The two first met in 2013. Isla was working. Norway’s next top model. by that time. He crossed paths with the banks on the set of the show. Sources said that it was almost love at first sight as the two were immediately taken away by each other. Since then, the two have been inseparable. However, they still managed to hide their relationship for some time.

As time went on, the paparazzi began to catch them displaying some PDAs during lunch dates. But it wasn’t until 2015 that he officially came out. Fans were happy for the former Victoria’s Secret model who had not been in a serious relationship for years. Even more so when he heard that he and Isla were planning to start a family. And that’s what they did a year after they normalized their relationship.

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In January 2016, after a “painful” series of IVF procedures, the couple received a baby boy who was later renamed York Bank Isla. “The journey so far has not been an easy one, as I have shared before,” Banks said. the people..

“But there was a beautiful light at the end of the tunnel for me and her father Eric.” The model-turned-businessman also expressed a desire to have more children in the future. Fans quickly agreed that he and Isla were bound to get married any time soon.

Why did they break?

In October 2017, news broke that Banks and Isla had left. Their son was only 20 months old. The photographer was said to have moved out of his former Los Angeles home immediately. But insiders said it was a happy split. A source revealed, “He is free from drama and he is a parent with his young son.” “She is going to do a photo shoot for the upcoming opening credits. America’s next top model.. ”

At the time, the two had an ongoing contract with a reality show. No one really knows what caused their division. But there was speculation that Isla had cheated the banks. Both camps never said anything about it. The photographer deleted all his previous photos on Instagram. He picked up another set of rumors that the banks may have been too busy to maintain their relationship.

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Maintaining co-parental relationships.

Banks and Isla have maintained a smooth parental relationship over the years. However, the photographer – who has three older daughters from a previous relationship – has kept a low profile since parting ways with the founder of SMIZE Cream.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. But one of her daughters, Tatjana, is in the spotlight, and is making a name for herself as a model. She has signed under Elite Model Management and is said to be earning K 20K per photo shoot.

In August 2018, banks began dating Canadian businessman Louis Blinger Martin. Until recently, a source said that they still “love very much”. There were even rumors that they were engaged in August 2020 but this was never confirmed by either side. However, it seems that the two have been in it for a long time, Bellinger Martin has established a close relationship with York.

The businessman also has a 13-year-old son, Valerie Martin Scriar, his ex-wife. And they both met with Tyra and her son. An insider revealed that “Tyra’s baby has her own room in Louis. [and] Some of her belongings – clothes, jewelry – were also moved to Valerie’s home in Magog and Tyra.

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Tyra Bank created a modeling theme park called ‘Model Land’

It will have 21,000 square feet of space that will bring together all the wonderful aspects of modeling in one huge space.

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