What happened to the draft top after Shark Tank?

Draft Top as a business is alive and well, and the product has changed quite a bit since the Shark Tank iteration. The company is currently selling the third version of Draft Top with an improved user interface for $25 each. Immediately after the episode aired, the brand showed off the sold-out merchandise on their pages. Instagram page. Although Daymond John pledged $300,000 during the episode, there is no evidence that the deal was closed. The Shark Tank blog contacted Draft Top directly to inquire about the deal, but they did not reveal any details about the Shark deal. However, the company has reportedly grown to maintain $3 million in annual sales as of May 2022, and Shark Tank Blog suspects the deal with Jon was closed at some point.

Draft Top has over 20,000 followers on their Instagram page and an ever-expanding product line. They released Draft Top can opener in multiple colors and patterns for different occasions. In addition, besides the flagship gadget, the brand sells merchandise such as koozies, clothing, stickers, and more.

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