What happened to the first 48 fan favorite detective Ritter?

It turns out that the reason for Detective Justin Ritter’s absence from The First 48 has to do with a very real aspect of detective work – promotions. Ritter promotion announcement on facebook in January 2019, and noting that he was leaving the homicide unit featured in The First 48, the Tusla Police Department congratulated the detective on his promotion and noted that he would move to the field unit, which Ritter would greatly help. Extensive experience.

Thus, despite the fact that Ritter is no longer involved in the First 48, he continues to work for the Tulsa police, as evidenced by the message on Twitter in March 2019, where Ritter reports the crime. However, despite his promotion, Ritter made his last surprise appearance in the 2021 episode “Out of Darkness” which dealt with one of his former cases and gave the seasoned law enforcement agent some closure to that particular investigation. According to A&ERitter was promoted to the rank of corporal before leaving Homicide in 2019, and has since risen to the rank of lieutenant and oversees Gilkreese’s department.

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