What happened to the greedy buddy after the shark tank?

Guzzle Buddy is one of those 73% of companies that didn’t get the deal that was negotiated on the show. After their record ended, Rothfuss, Brick-Sullivan and John decided to pull out of the deal altogether. However, this did not hurt the prospects of Guzzle Buddy.

First, revenue. According to “Shark Tank Blog”, Guzzle buddy made about $1.4 million in its first ten months of existence. Now the company brings in about $2 million a year.

However, for this the company had to make some adjustments. After their Shark Tank debut, several copycats brought similar, cheaper versions of the product to market. In response, Rothfuss and Brick-Sullivan cut prices on their range of glass. They also introduced a plastic model at a lower price.

Since 2018, Guzzle Buddy has further expanded its offerings. He currently offers a bottle of Guzzle Buddy beer. Customers can now also customize their Guzzle Buddies with humorous messages (via Seoavs).

Not bad for a product that started out as a Cougartown joke.

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