What happened to the hooded pillow after the shark tank?

When Chris Hindley and Rebecca Reskate introduced the hooded pillow in Shark Tank, they showed off a hooded pillowcase that can be worn over a standard size pillow. However, now visiting Pillow with hood the website reveals that the company is no longer selling what was once its flagship product. Instead, their main offering is a neck pillow with an attached hood, available in both inflatable and memory foam models. Also available are hooded blankets, a hooded beach towel and a duffel bag made from heather gray hoodie-like material.

In fact, it looks like Hoodie Pillow introduced its inflatable travel pillow shortly after appearing in Shark Tank, as evidenced by a 2014 ad. hello giggles a post about travel accessories that lists an inflatable pillow with a hood as a recommendation. Perhaps the biggest growth figure for Hoodie Pillow is the luxury fashion brand. Balenciaga sells its own hooded neck pillow, message from HypeBeast reveals the company introduced in 2021. However, while the hooded inflatable pillow sells for $29.95, Balenciaga is asking $695 for its travel pillow.

So while Hoodie Pillow may have shifted its focus, the company seems to have now achieved enough success for one of the biggest names in high fashion to step into action with its own take on the Shark Tank company. branded product.

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