What happened to the stars of “Dynasty” next

Once named the sexiest woman in the world, Joan Collins’ latest television appearance reminded us of just how glamorous she was and is.

After watching her New Year’s documentary, many fans were eager to see the iconic portrayal of Alexis Carrington on the cult TV series Dynasty in the 1980s.


Joan Collins made a splash as Alexis Carrington in an American soap opera.
She spoke about the troubles in her five marriages in a special BBC documentary.


She spoke about the troubles in her five marriages in a special BBC documentary.1 credit

On the BBC show This Is Joan Collins, she revealed that she took on the role of feline matriarch Alexis because she thought life in California would be good for her daughter after the accident.

She said, “Cathy’s accident was the worst thing that ever happened to me.”

This role cemented her rise to fame, as well as many of her co-stars.

But 41 years after the show launched, it’s safe to say that the actors look a little different – here we reveal what they came up with next.

Joan Collins – Alexis Carrington



88-year-old lady Joan Collins took on the role of Alexis after her daughter Katie had an accident and after learning that her then-husband Ron Kass had left them almost broke.

This role cemented her reputation in film and television, and she went on to star in The Royal Family, Benidorm and others.

After the series, she married three more times and is finally happy with her fifth husband, Percy Gibson, who is 32 years younger than her.

Joan describes him as her “soul mate” and states, “I’ve found my husband forever.”

In 2015, she was honored with the Damehood Charity Award and has been called “England’s most beautiful girl” and “world’s sexiest woman” for many years.

John Forsyth – Blake Carrington



The American actor played the role of Blake Carrington, the oil tycoon and ex-husband of Alexis.

When he accepted the role, his name had already become a household name, and he starred as the mysterious invisible private detective and millionaire Charles Townsend in Charlie’s Angels.

After the end of the series, he took a hiatus and then starred in the NBC drama “The Powerful”.

Behind the scenes, his wife fell ill and in 1994 he made the heartbreaking decision to shut down her life support system when cancer and breathing problems caused her to fall into a coma.

He remarried in 2002 and a year later played his final acting role as Charles Townsend in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, opposite Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu.

Sadly, in April 2010, he died of pneumonia at his California home at the age of 92.

Pamela Bellwood – Claudia Blaisdell Carrington



Pamela, 70, was on her way to becoming an established actress when she landed the role of Claudia.

She retired from the show to become a full-time mom, making occasional TV movies, and married Nick Wheeler in 1984.

In 1983, Pamela traveled to Africa to pose for Playboy half-naked with the Maasai before giving up another million dollars to pose for Hustler.

The actress later said that her father hadn’t spoken to her for a month after filming for Playboy.

John James – Jeff Colby



John, 65, played the show’s main antagonist and later starred in a spin-off called Colby.

It was his first major television role, and he has worked steadily since starring in All My Children and Joe Biden in the upcoming biopic My Hunter Son.

He married Miss World runner-up Denise Ellen Coward, and they have two children, Philip, who serves in the US Air Force, and Laura, who won the America’s Next Next Top Model.

In 2014, he considered running for Republicans in New York’s 21st Congressional District.

Heather Locklear – Sammy Joe Carrington



Heather, 60, took a big break from Dynasty and went on to star in the films Spin City and Melrose Place.

In addition to acting, she attracted fans’ attention with her novels, which featured Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee and Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora.

She was also arrested twice on charges of battery, and in 2018 she was hospitalized with suspected overdose.

Heather’s only daughter, Ava, is a swimwear model.

Al Corley – Stephen Carrington



Al, 65, only lasted two episodes in Dynasty before leaving, claiming that his character never had any fun.

He then starred in 14 films and directed five.

Al also released the hit single Square Rooms and three studio albums.

In 1989, he married the German actress Jessica Cardinal. They have three children: Sophie Helena, Ruby Cardinal and Clyde Nicholas Corley.

Emma Samms – Fallon Carrington Colby



Brit Emma, ​​61, had already become a household name in the American soapy general hospital before she was cast as Fallon.

After the series ended, she also appeared in the spin-off Colby and most recently guest-starred in Holby City and The Doctor.

She has been married four times and has two children with her fourth husband, John Holloway. She is currently married to television journalist Simon McCoy.

Emma contracted Covid-19 in 2020 and suffered long-term complications from the initial infection.

Michael Nader – Farnsworth “Dex” Dexter



After Michael played Dex in Dynasty, he briefly worked on the perennial American soap opera All My Children, but his contract was terminated when he was arrested for drug possession.

He then tried but failed to sue the ABC network for firing him, claiming they said he could return if he resolved his drug problems.

In his personal life, he dated actress Ellen Barber for ten years before they split up. In June 1984, he married Robin Weiss, and a month later they had a daughter, but they separated.

Then he married Jody Lister, with whom he lived for 18 years until his death.

Michael died on August 23, 2021 at the age of 76 at his home, ten days after he was diagnosed with a terminal cancer.

Linda Evans – Crystal Grant Jennings Carrington



The 73-year-old actress continued her acting career with a number of television roles before retiring in 1987.

She has decided to move to a remote area in Washington state and has a house with 70 acres of forest.

In 2009, she won the British edition of Hell’s Kitchen, beating Ade Edmondson in a hard-hitting final.

Linda has been married and divorced twice, but remains close with Sean’s stepdaughter Catherine Deck.

In May 2014, she was arrested for driving on a prescription.

Kathleen Beller – Kirby Anders



Kathleen originally wanted to be a midwife before she got into acting.

She was married to actor Michael Hoyt from 1980 to 1986. After their divorce, she found love for musician Thomas Dolby and married him in 1988.

They have three children, including Harper Robertson, who was born a girl but underwent gender reassignment surgery and now lives in Suffolk and is raising awareness of transgender rights.

Kathleen said, “I don’t think we would ever dare to hope that Harper would be as happy as he is now. It’s such a relief. “

Jack Coleman – Stephen Carrington



Jack, 63, replaced Al Corey as Blake’s son and played one of the first openly gay men on primetime television.

He left the show in 1988 and went on to play gay in The Vampire Diaries, as well as in the US Office when he played retired State Senator Rob Lipton.

In 1996, he married actress Beth Toussaint and the couple have a daughter, Tess, born in 1999.

Jack is currently starring in the NBC TV series “Joe Ordinary”.

Kate O’Mara – Cassandra “Weasel” Morrell



Prior to her appearance in Dynasty, Kate was already well known in England for her roles in the ITV series Big Chance and the BBC drama Brothers.

She appeared alongside Joan Collins on the American TV series for five years and was delighted to be released as she didn’t like living in California.

Kate went on to appear in Doctor Who and The BBC’s Howard’s Way as the wily villainess Laura Wilde.

She was married twice and had two children from a previous relationship – the sons of Christopher, whom she gave up for adoption, and Deacon.

In December 2012, Deacon was found dead at his family’s home on suspicion of suicide. They could not find him for three days.

Kate died on March 30, 2014 in a nursing home in Sussex at the age of 74 from ovarian cancer. She left none of her possessions to her surviving son.

Joan Collins brings glamor when she appears on The One Show.

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