What happened to Toph’s parents after Avatar: The Last Airbender?

After their daughter was born without sight, the Beifong sought to protect her from the outside world, which they feared might harm her. Thus, Toph grew up safely but guarded in the gilded cage of her parents’ palatial Earth Kingdom estate in prison. By coincidence, Toph eventually encountered a group of badger moles – the first earthbenders – who taught her how to use her natural gift of earthbending.

Years later, Toph became a member of the underground fighting ring Gaoling, where she earned the nickname “Blind Bandit”. It is here that she meets Aang and his friends, whom she eventually joins to teach the budding Avatar the art of Earthbending. Effectively running from her limited life to save the world, Toph was briefly pursued by her parents’ mercenaries before completely losing contact with them. Only after the end of the war did Toph learn about the fate of her family.

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